Focusing on Our Strengths: Iconis Group


“Bonnie and her team are a joy to work with. They always have my back and are constantly on the lookout for great opportunities for Iconis Group. I couldn’t be happier with the assistance I’ve received and would recommend bbr marketing a million times over.”

Cathy Iconis, CEO


Iconis Group, LLC (IG) is an outsourced accounting firm created and managed by Cathy Iconis. Cathy assists businesses with all of their accounting and financial management needs from light bookkeeping to virtual CFO services. While Cathy is really good with numbers, she’s admittedly not that great with marketing, and trying to manage her firm’s marketing by herself was not going so well. “There wasn’t enough time in the day to both focus on my clients and then try to manage my marketing efforts, therefore the marketing suffered. It just wasn’t happening.” Cathy knew she needed knowledgeable help in order to help her business continue on its path of growth and to bump it up to the next level.


Cathy learned of bbr marketing through Twitter and industry networking events and decided to reach out to the firm. She had heard of the firm’s professionalism and intimate knowledge of the accounting industry, and the fact that they understood her industry intrigued her enough to reach out. From the moment Cathy began working with bbr marketing, she knew that she had made a good choice. Bonnie created a full marketing plan for IG to follow and helped get Cathy organized. “Bonnie’s professionalism is apparent from the beginning. She was immediately prepared and was able to pull everything together based on my needs, allowing me to really focus on what I needed to do.”


The marketing for IG has now completely transitioned over to bbr marketing. Previously, Cathy felt that marketing tasks were things that she had to put aside in order to better serve her clients. Now, like those that come to Iconis Group for their CFO needs so they can focus on their own strengths and services, Cathy understands the need to have her own outsourced assistance. “The work from bbr marketing is always great. I have no worries that they have my company’s best interests at heart, and they will work hard for me.”

I am passionate about helping my clients identify their differentiators, create effective marketing strategies and grow exponentially. I know professional services marketing and what it takes to think strategically and execute effectively.


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