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by Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk, president

I wanted to officially let those of you who don’t yet know that I am closing bbr marketing as of Thursday, August 31, 2017. While a surprising and very difficult decision, it is definitely what I need to do at this point in my life.

My most recent birthday was a contemplative one where I really started thinking about my career, my future and how I wanted these to look as I get closer and closer to 50. After much consideration and conversation with trusted mentors, I realized that I absolutely love working with clients on their strategic marketing, creating pathways to growth and being part of a team that is working toward a similar goal. What I am not passionate about anymore is running a business, including the hours and focus it takes to do it the correct way. As my company has grown over the last eight years, a fact about which I am very proud, I get to do less of what I love and instead spend much more time running the firm. I’ve decided it is the right time for me to get back to what I am best at and love doing most, and let someone else run the show.

I don’t know exactly what this next act will be but I’m considering a number of potential options and am excited about the future. My first objective, though, is to close bbr marketing in the best way I can and the next few weeks will be focused nearly solely on that. I’m also doing my best to help my team find new, interesting and dare I say, lucrative, positions, so some of you may hear from me, Kelly, Shauna or Tina in the coming weeks for advice and potential introductions. (Oh, and a relaxing vacation in Mexico is also on my docket.)

I have put a team in place that can continue to pick up where bbr marketing is leaving off. Sarah Warlick, bbr marketing’s copywriter, Maddy Rojo, our graphic designer, and a new member, Jennifer Jacobs, will be working together to continue to meet the needs of our current clients and new ones as well. Maddy and Sarah will continue in their current roles, with Jennifer taking over the client and project management tasks that Shauna, Kelly and I currently deliver. We have worked with Jennifer many times over the years and have confidence in her ability to assist clients. She is very talented and excited to begin working as part of this modified bbr marketing team. They are in the process of putting together their structure now, so look for updated contact information down the road. In the meantime, you can reach them at the email addresses below.

Your support through the years has meant the world to me and I look forward to what comes next. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at or 404-423-4433. Love to all and keep in touch!




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  1. Charles L McGimsey on

    Good luck as you pursue your passion. I’ve found my need to pursue it never leaves nor is fully satisfied, but simply changes over time. Congratulations on your discovery!


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