bbr marketing news: National Organization Selects Atlanta Firm As Marketing Book Authors



tymo-cover_screenbbr marketing, an Atlanta-based firm specializing in marketing strategy and tactical implementation for professional services organizations, has written and released their first book, Take Your Marketing Online: Proven Ways to Grow Your Firm in the Digital Age. This book, published through the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), describes a variety of strategies and methods CPAs can use to make the most of their online marketing.

“I was honored when the AICPA approached me about writing this book,” says Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk, founder and owner of bbr marketing. “I have great respect for the AICPA and the education they provide to accountants and the industry as a whole. Our firm was only too happy to contribute to their overall body of knowledge and help accountants take their marketing online more effectively.” Some of the key topics covered include building a marketing plan, improving websites, blogging, content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, analytics and more.

Bonnie, with contributions from Kelly Lucas, bbr marketing’s client marketing director, and Sarah Warlick, the firm’s content director, created a comprehensive book that educates accountants about their digital marketing options, providing advice, strategy and tactics for implementation. “Given that the audience has varying levels of digital marketing understanding, it was important to write content that would be approachable for those new to the concepts, but also provide insight and sophisticated strategies for those who are already immersed in the digital world,” says Bonnie.

When searching for an author on this subject, the AICPA wanted someone who could provide marketing expertise that wasn’t an all-or-nothing approach, so that each firm could customize their strategies around the advice based on current needs and expand their efforts as their firm grows. “Following a speaking engagement at a conference, where I presented on topics related to the book, the AICPA began talking with me about writing this book, explaining they were impressed with the way I grabbed the attention of the audience,” says Bonnie. “They said they liked that I explained concepts that were new to many audience members in a way that was meaningful, sending them home with practical tips that they could use immediately.” The AICPA seemed equally impressed with bbr marketing’s own firm growth. “They could appreciate that in just a few years of being in operation we’ve managed to build a name for ourselves. We’ve become known for our ability to make sometimes intimidating marketing concepts more readily understandable for accountants and can explain ideas and strategies to them in a way that resonates.” bbr marketing is honored to have partnered with the AICPA to write and publish a book that is sure to help CPAs at any digital marketing level properly position and grow their firms.

To learn more about Take Your Marketing Online and to order your copy, visit Take Your Marketing Online.

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