Sarah Warlick
Content Director

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Sarah Warlick is responsible for making bbr marketing and its clients sound professional and eloquent as  Content Director. In this role, she is in charge of creating and editing a broad selection of content types for clients in industries that include accounting, technology, law, international business, consulting, engineering and others. Sarah creates web copy, blog posts, brochures, journal articles and other content that client firms are proud to claim as their own. Whether ghostwritten or under her own name, Sarah’s writing frequently appears in national publications, industry journals and leading professional websites such as AccountingToday and Social Media Today.

Sarah is a graduate of Georgia State University with a B.A. in Geography. She is fascinated by language and technology, and loves learning about the industries her clients represent as well as the evolving technologies used by each. She says, “I absolutely adore getting to indulge in what is really a mildly obsessive habit as a career! I’ve always been in love with puzzles, systems and language, and what I do combines them perfectly. Finding just the right word (and avoiding the wrong one) is immensely satisfying. Some people make the world a better place through fantastic new designs or fighting for justice, but I just want to tidy up its writing.”

Originally from the Boston area, Sarah grew up in Savannah, GA and now resides in Decatur, GA with her three sons and a cat named Frank. Along with her professional skills, Sarah can boast the ability to teach any kid to read or swim, replace the agitator dogs on a washing machine and sing all the countries of the world to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance. She enjoys swimming and what could be called hiking if it weren’t so clearly just ambling in the woods.

bbr marketing provides marketing services and strategy for professional services firms. Service marketing is vastly different than product marketing. We understand how to help accountants, attorneys, engineers and other consultants reach their audiences and grow their firms.

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