Sarah Warlick
Content Director

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It’s immensely satisfying to help talented people find exactly the right words to express their ideas. Every writing challenge is a unique puzzle; I have a lot of fun constructing the different pieces and figuring out how to arrange them so it all fits together beautifully.

Sarah Warlick is bbr marketing’s content genius. She is a gifted writer and editor who not only knows what to say but, most importantly, how to say it. Through web, print and blog copy – as well as articles in national publications, industry journals and leading professional websites such as AccountingToday and Social Media Today – she brings out the true voice of each firm, whether she is ghostwriting or using her own name. She is also known as our resident flower child (she denied it once but was immediately told, “You’re wearing paisley right now!” and had to concede the point).

Sarah is originally from the Boston area but grew up in Savannah. She now lives in Decatur with her three children, the family cat and a series of foster dogs. She holds a BA in Geography from Georgia State University*. Sarah’s professional experience is widely varied, with previous positions that range from restoring historic homes, delivering pizza and working in an arcade to bookkeeping for construction companies and administrative roles in legal and accounting organizations. Perhaps it’s the variety in her skill-sets and backgrounds that helps her writing abilities stretch across industries, but however it happened, she is thankful to have found a fulfilling career in writing and editing (a mildly obsessive habit that might as well pay off) for such a diversity of clients.

While Sarah grew up involved in theater, ballet and music, these days her performing arts are limited to passing as a responsible adult, professional and PTA mom. She loves reading, lounging by water (lake, beach or pool – she’s not picky) and hanging out with her kids while gardening, cooking or playing sports and games that involve shiny stones and spatial challenges. Despite the lack of a TV, Sarah and her family get copious screen time and show clear signs of internet addiction. Her favorite author is PG Wodehouse, and she has quite a few of his works in her substantial home library. (When the revolution comes, Sarah intends to have plenty to read with or without electricity.) She likes learning about almost everything, especially science, conspiracy theories, etymology (that’s words, not bugs), ethnobotany and herbal medicine. She also claims the ability to teach any child to read and swim, and although the contents of her garage don’t prove it, Sarah has a deep and abiding love of ridiculously overpowered British sports cars.

Fun Facts:

Sarah has some hardcore stick-to-itiveness. When she makes up her mind to do something, she goes all in, no matter how much time it takes:

  • She once spent a summer driving from Athens, Georgia to San Diego, up the west coast to Oregon and back to Atlanta in her purple TR6 – with a cat.
  • She started college at 16 and didn’t graduate until she was 29, a journey that involved four different colleges.
  • Her ultimate quest is finding the perfect panang curry. Luckily, this involves a lot of “research” on Buford Highway and other likely spots.

This natural dedication of course spills over into her work. When she’s presented with a writing challenge involving any topic she doesn’t already know about, she dives in headfirst to learn everything she can, brainstorming ideas to help all different kinds of businesses succeed.

I am passionate about helping my clients identify their differentiators, create effective marketing strategies and grow exponentially. I know professional services marketing and what it takes to think strategically and execute effectively.


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