Bring Out Your Social Media Best! #SocialMediaDay

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“OMG ur kitteh is ermahgerd adorbs! ALL THE LIKES!” Can’t go wrong with cat pics – they are a staple in the daily human’s social media diet.

by Sarah Warlick, content director

Guess what day it is? Nope, it’s not my birthday. Not even my cat’s birthday, although that would indeed be a big deal. It’s Social Media Day! Finally, you can revel in the streets and throw the blowout party you’ve been dreaming of throughout the long months, secluded in your office with nothing but clients, colleagues and work to keep you company. Release the confetti!

As you may have sensed, we’re excited. And how will we celebrate? By inviting you to join us in sharing the most thrilling, traumatic, glorious or disastrous events in your social media history. What’s happened in your personal or professional life that inspired you to lunge for your iPhone and log into Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook? What amazing photograph sent you running to Instagram? What incredible scoop or career breakthrough drove you toward LinkedIn like a bat recently promoted to VP of Communications for Hell, Ltd.?

It can be anything, as long as you shared it on social media and thoroughly enjoyed (or regretted) doing so. Show us your fabulous craft project or most hopeless cooking failure (a.k.a. a Pinstrosity) from Pinterest. Send in your most hilarious family or pet photo that made waves on Facebook. The time the Pope retweeted you, or the article you published on LinkedIn that led to an incredible career move you never thought would be possible. The Instagram photo that helped you discover you really are a talented artist, or the time your firm tried to make a vlog that…Didn’t. Quite. Work.

If you can’t think of anything suitable, it’s obviously time to reassess your priorities, and more urgently, your social media use. Run right out and bake a loaf of bread shaped like a bonnet, and then make your cat wear it. Stack up all the 7-year-olds you can find and spray them with pudding. Call your contacts at the Fed and submit an article to the professional journal of your choice, remembering to post it on LinkedIn. But the most important step of all is sharing it with us, so we can post it again and spread your moment of glory (or horror) even farther. We’ll share your pride, commiserate if necessary and be duly impressed by your thought leadership. Just be aware that we reserve the right to laugh our heads off if the situation calls for it.

All fun aside, social media has revolutionized marketing as well as personal communications. It’s a tool that puts immense power to participate, influence, share and connect right in the hands of individuals and small businesses in a way that simply did not exist before. Its value to cannot be overstated, and we are sincere in celebrating the day and all it means to so many. We just happen to believe that the best way to show respect is to do something ridiculously silly and fun. Join us, won’t you?

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