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Bring Out Your Social Media Best! #SocialMediaDay

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“OMG ur kitteh is ermahgerd adorbs! ALL THE LIKES!” Can’t go wrong with cat pics – they are a staple in the daily human’s social media diet.
by Sarah Warlick, content director
Guess what day it is? Nope, it’s not my birthday. Not even …. more >


Humor and Serious Can Work Together in Marketing

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by Kelly Googe Lucas, client marketing director
Have you seen the Idris Elba “Be My Valentine” video making the rounds on social media? If not, oh my, are you in for a treat! For your viewing pleasure:

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling …. more >


What is Your Favorite bbr marketing Halloween Card?

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Each month, bbr marketing will host a vote to find out what tickles your marketing fancy, with results revealed in a follow-up post. Have an idea for one of our surveys? Let us know!
Most professionals send out cards to clients to celebrate the …. more >


Stand Out by Targeting Underserved Markets

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by Sarah Warlick, content director
So often in marketing, we hear clients asking that old question, “How can I stand out in a crowded professional landscape?” We help them answer it with a variety of customized marketing strategies based on what makes them different. …. more >


Cruising the Fine Line Between Edgy and Unacceptable

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by Sarah Warlick, content director
Marketing isn’t always black and white. Judgment calls are part of the job when it comes to deciding what works for your audience.

One of the challenges in marketing – whether you’re trying to sell shoes, services or Swiss chalets …. more >


bbr marketing’s Annual Halloween Cards Are Here!

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At bbr marketing, we LOVE Halloween. Always ones to embrace being a little different, we started sending out our “holiday” cards a few years ago, causing a stir each time with Halloween trivia, zombie movie posters and a snakes …. more >