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Newsle Acquired by LinkedIn

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by Shauna McCullough-Hightower, marketing and project coordinator
A while back we wrote a blog post about Newsle, the platform that alerts you to the latest news about your social media connections. This handy-dandy platform creates a great opportunity to stay on …. more >


LinkedIn Announces New Premium Experience

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by Kelly Lucas, client marketing director
Just like Twitter changed profiles to look more like Facebook, now LinkedIn is hopping on the “we all look alike” bandwagon. As announced today on their blog, LinkedIn will begin rolling out a new profile look for their premium …. more >


Maintain Your Reputation on LinkedIn with These 5 Tips

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LinkedIn is for professional networking, but is your behavior there truly professional? Follow these five rules to be sure you’re not inadvertently violating the professional protocol for using the site.
With LinkedIn growing in popularity as a networking and publishing platform, it’s good policy to …. more >


LinkedIn Groups: A Fresh New Face

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by Rachael Pass, marketing intern
LinkedIn is doing a some major redecorating lately and has launched a revamped LinkedIn Groups, with a sleek “new and improved” attitude. The new LinkedIn Groups offers more …. more >


Happy Anniversary bbr marketing!

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by Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk, president
The statistics vary depending on your source of information, but all describe the same truth: Starting a small business is quite a risk-filled endeavor. For those in the services industry, like we are, the numbers I’ve seen indicate that only …. more >


Newsle Helps You Track News Alerts on Your Social Media Connections

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by Kelly Lucas, marketing and social media manager
If you’ve not yet heard about Newsle, then do I have a treat for you! Newsle is a platform that brings you news stories that feature your personal and professional connections. By connecting your more >