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The Lost Art of Letter Writing

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by Kelly Googe Lucas, Marketing and Social Media Manager, BBR Marketing

When I was interviewing for jobs out of college, I made a point of sending a hand-written Thank You letter to each person with whom I had met. If I talked with …. more >


Get Up to Speed on LinkedIn

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While nearly everyone I know is on LinkedIn, very few are taking advantage of the features of this powerful tool. Yesterday, I spent 4 hours at a client’s office, helping attorneys set up their LinkedIn pages. Each of them had a page before I …. more >


Legal Marketing: Involving Associates in your Firm’s Blog

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One of the best blogs I’ve found in the legal marketing arena is The Matte Pad, created by my friend and colleague, Tom Matte. His posts are targeted specifically at legal marketers, but there are a lot of lessons any …. more >


Do We Really Need a Logo?

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When most professional service providers are asked, “What is branding?” they are quick to answer, “a logo.” And they are partially correct; a strong logo should be the foundation of your brand. But it’s so much more too. Ultimately, your brand is your promise …. more >


Social Media Does Work – A Twitter Success Story

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I still hear quite a bit of doubt about social media, and specifically how it can help with business development. I decided to talk to a business owner – Cathy Iconis of Iconis Group – that has gotten nearly every client she has through Twitter. …. more >


What I Learned from some Top Notch Reporters and Editors…

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I recently attended a fantastic Association for Accounting Marketing panel discussion entitled “The Changing Face of Business News.” Panelists included some pretty high-profile folks, including business editors and writers from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta Business Chronicle, WABE (Atlanta NPR affiliate) and Thompson Reuters. They …. more >