Client News: Amy Williams Acquitted of Federal Bank Fraud After Eight Years


Case against Amy Williams ends in acquittal after eight-year legal action

Gainesville, GA, August 2016 – The trial of Amy Williams, owner of United International Mortgage Corporation (UIM) in Georgia, concluded in August 2016 with an acquittal on all charges. Opened in 2010 and expanded on two different occasions during the course of the proceedings, the federal case alleged multiple counts of bank fraud related to First Coweta Bank and Southern Community Bank.

Williams’ mortgage company thrived during the boom in real estate that took place during the early years of the 21st century. After opening UIM in 2004 with twenty years of real estate and mortgage experience under her belt, Williams enjoyed great business success before suffering severe financial setbacks that led to UIM closing its doors in 2008, like so many other real estate-focused companies.

Soon after the business shut down, Williams learned that she was being investigated by the FDIC and FBI for federal crimes. Georgia attorney Sanford Wallack began representing Williams in 2010.

Williams was officially indicted in 2013, with additional charges added in November of 2015. UIM held lines of credit with both Southern Community Bank and First Coweta bank; Williams was accused of directing funds from the two lines of credit to be used for unauthorized purposes.

The trial by jury took place in the Gainesville Division of the Northern District of Georgia and lasted five days.

In the end, Williams was acquitted of all charges. Wallack says, “This was a long and difficult legal battle that has dominated my client’s time and focus for many years. It is a great feeling to see her exonerated, so that she can put this episode behind her and move forward with her life.”


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