Client News: Atlanta Business Owners Now Have More Legal Options


With Stanton Law, Atlanta small and mid-size business owners have access to even more employer-focused legal advice and services.

ATLANTA (December 2015) – Atlanta law firm Stanton Law, LLC, a firm that focuses on the employer side of legal matters, has announced the addition of new of counsel attorney Melissa Kotun and their expansion to new office space in the Armour Industrial district of Atlanta.

“It’s important for employers to have access to legal resources that are specific to their needs, especially those who run small- or medium-sized businesses,” says Todd Stanton, founder of Stanton Law. “Melissa Kotun will be a tremendous asset to employers. Her outstanding litigation skills along with her experience working directly with human resources (HR) professionals to solve employee issues allow her to provide solid, practical advice and counsel.”

Melissa looks forward to helping employers in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast with their HR and employment law concerns. “It’s always been important that business owners and employers have their rights protected, but even more so in these litigious times,” says Melissa. “I’m dedicated to providing clients with the counsel they need to make the right decisions for their business and themselves.”

The addition bolsters Stanton Law’s already stout employer-side credentials. Melissa’s HR- and litigation-focused practice complements the firm’s broader menu for companies, which includes assisting with commercial contracts, navigating transactions and fundraising, and providing other outside general counsel-type services.

To accommodate the firm’s growth, Stanton Law has moved to a new office. “We wanted a space that would accommodate our clients as well as provide a convenient venue to collaborate with our peers,” says Todd. The new office space is located in the resurging Armour Industrial district, not far from Sweetwater Brewery. “We’re excited about the new space and all this area has to offer. We’ll host an ‘official’ open house soon.”


About Stanton Law

Stanton Law, LLC focuses on legal and business issues from the employer’s point of view, assisting small- and medium-sized businesses avoid legal issues without sacrificing managerial efficiency. The firm’s practical, civil approach to business and workplace issues sets them apart from other counsel as they are committed to providing cost-effective legal representation through an aggressive hourly rate structure and a variety of fixed-fee arrangements. To learn more, visit

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