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A fresh approach to back office accounting and reporting provides owners of closely held west coast businesses with cloud accounting solutions that put them on level footing with much larger companies.

WOODLAND HILLS, CA – OCTOBER 2015 – The owners of Waypoint Solutions have entrepreneurs on their mind as they launch their unique, solutions-focused firm. Gregg Kaufman and Jeff Seargeant have half a century of accounting and business advisory experience between them, but they’re not traditional service providers.

The pair has announced their new enterprise, Waypoint Solutions. Designed to take full advantage of the latest secure cloud technologies, Waypoint Solutions brings significant improvements to the usual approach of handling business accounting functions and financial reporting. The Waypoint Way is how Seargeant and Kaufman refer to their proven method for freeing up business owners and their staff from the time pressures and knowledge gaps inherent to in-house attempts at handling these key responsibilities.

While internal accounting departments for entrepreneurs have long been limited by costs, lack of specialized knowledge and financial risks, large companies have embraced and reaped rich benefits from high-tech, high-knowledge accounting strategies that allow them to compete at a higher level. Kaufman and Seargeant aim to deliver the same advantages to closely held businesses by providing them with the opportunity to access superlative financial advice, accurate reporting, real-time data and significant cost savings through outsourced cloud accounting.

“In the past, as a business owner you either overpaid and had highly skilled accountants spending a good portion of their time doing lower level work, or you had lower skilled and lesser paid accounting staff attempting to do necessary and valuable accounting functions they were not properly equipped to handle,” explains Seargeant. “Waypoint solves this dilemma by delivering expert accounting services with properly allocated labor resources from bookkeeping up to CFO guidance.

Cloud and technology-based applications form the core of the new approach. The firm’s first focus is to help closely held businesses devote more of their time to serving customers and doing what they do best. Waypoint’s team helps craft a process-driven plan for all necessary accounting functions, reporting and data management while providing the experienced financial insight and advisory services that give businesses the edge as they make strategic decisions and strive to compete in their niche.

Explaining what makes Waypoint Solutions unique, Kaufman remarks, “We see other firms advertising third party vendor applications but no one else we’ve seen is providing their own proprietary solution that also incorporates best in class vendors matched to the individual needs of each company. We are passionate about providing a new and better way, because of the deep need we observed over our years serving business owners. We know that the combination of access to our specialized skill set and the utilization of carefully selected available technology solutions enables entrepreneurs to run their business in a more financially informed and profitable manner.”


About Waypoint Solutions

Waypoint Solutions specializes in running the accounting operations and taking on the financial reporting traditionally handled by internal staff. With a team of dedicated professionals all using the latest cloud technology, we systemize the process to efficiently deliver the accounting, reporting and data you need for informed decision-making. Our comprehensive solution eliminates stress and confusion, allowing business owners to focus on achieving their goals. To learn more about the Waypoint Way, please visit us online at

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