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I recently received a couple of emails from LinkedIn that were all aflutter about some changes to their Groups capabilities. Since I’ve been watching group participation dwindling at a pretty rapid pace over the last few years, I was excited that they were trying to improve the user experience to reinvigorate this part of their site.

What I discovered, though, was pretty lackluster. I was hoping for some truly epic stuff, changes that would give a real boost to the group experience. What we got instead were three updates that are frankly things that should have changed years ago.

  1. Find your groups more easily. So, this is a tacit admission that their site isn’t designed well and it was hard to find the groups you wanted to visit. Glad you got right on that, LinkedIn.
  2. You can now post video in groups. I didn’t realize we couldn’t before, but I guess this is a good option to have. Also seems a bit too little too late since the ability to post video is a part of nearly every other social media platform.
  3. You can now “@mention” the members you want to weigh in on a conversation or particular topic. Again, this seems like an update that should have been made years ago, since you can tag people everywhere now.

Overall, with the frequency that LinkedIn makes changes, these seem uninspiring at best. Where is the option to hold events on group pages going to come around? How about live conversations on pertinent topics? More robust settings so I can control the group experience more and set it the way I want?

Are LinkedIn Groups dying a slow death? What would you like to see from LinkedIn in general or specifically in their groups feature? I’d love to know.


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