Google’s New “Google My Business”



by Kelly Lucas, client marketing director

To help businesses consolidate their marketing efforts and be a little more efficient with their time, Google announced their latest initiative Google My Business. The new service doesn’t introduce anything different to the Google marketing mix other than putting everything in one spot for easier and quicker access. Says Walker Oxley of Oxley Internet Solutions, “It’s essentially a combination of Google Places and Google+ Local and provides an easier way for businesses to get listed in Google Maps with a one-stop-shop to manage their information centrally.”

Google My Business

Prior to Google My Business, a business owner would have to go to separate pages for Google+ and Google Places for Business. Now, when one enters their business information, it populates and updates Google+, Google Maps / Places for Business and Google Search. There is also an app for Android-based devices so you can manage your Google My Business account from any mobile device.

If you’ve not yet taken advantage of Google products for marketing your business, Walker highly recommends you do so. “Completing a listing is great for SEO, but having the listing optimized to the fullest is where you’ll get the most of it, especially for businesses that focus on geographic areas.” Click here to get started and create a Google account.

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