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by Kelly Lucas, client marketing director

Just like Twitter changed profiles to look more like Facebook, now LinkedIn is hopping on the “we all look alike” bandwagon. As announced today on their blog, LinkedIn will begin rolling out a new profile look for their premium members.

LinkedIn Premium Experience

The updates and enhancements include the following:

Visually enhanced profile page Updates include a larger profile picture, an extended profile header image and early access to a customizable profile background. All profiles will eventually be enabled with this customizable background, and you can apply for the waitlist here.

Profile optimization suggestions Based on the information you currently share and compared against those with similar backgrounds, LinkedIn will now offer keyword and other suggestions to help you optimize your profile.

Enhanced search results As a premium member, when someone runs a search using a keyword in your profile, your profile will show up larger in the search results and provide more information about you at first glance.

Open Profile option Premium members will be able to make their profiles open to everyone to view and allow even non-Premium members to contact them for free.

See who’s viewed you and where you rank You’ll be able to see who’s viewed your profile in the last 90 days as well as see the top 100 results for how your profile ranks against your immediate connections and within your company.

These items will be part of LinkedIn’s new Premium Spotlight. In an interview with TechCrunch, a rep from LinkedIn explained that the Premium Spotlight will enable members to “get their foot in the door by enhancing their own professional brand through features that focus on helping them stand out and get found.” The new features will begin rolling out to current Premium members today.

For your entertainment, I present the conversation I had with Bonnie about the new look:

Me: Hey Bonnie, check it out, LinkedIn is changing another aspect of profile appearance.

Bonnie: Again? Geez, they must be bored in Mountain View.

So what do you think of the new features? We’d love to get your take on the latest social media appearance changes.

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