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by Sarah Warlick, content director

Come aboard. We’re expecting you…

LovebookIn honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re reporting on a brand new social media marketing opportunity that’s either horrifying or brilliant, depending on your point of view: Facebook ads for your love life.

Yep, that’s what we said. The Lovebook is ready to launch you on a journey of love based on selling your personal brand with the help of some strategic Facebook advertising. For anywhere from $15 to $60, varying with the level of service you select, Lovebook will design and run Facebook ads that target viewers expected to appreciate your interests, age, location or any number of other aspects.

To use Lovebook, you’ll need to submit your contact information along with a list of interests and tell the app who you’re seeking. You’ll also select some pictures to use in the ads. Then Lovebook gets to work recruiting some likely love interests for you with ads that go something like this, according to the example on their website:

How About a Date?

Hello Reader! My name is ______ and I’m looking for a date. Yes, I am a real person! I’ve chosen to try my hand at reaching a little further than on other dating sites…See More

Lovebook sends a notification with a link for you to view your personal ad when it’s live, at which point you’ll sit back and wait for the fish to jump into the boat. Or rather, for the Likes to roll in. The ad runs for 7 days and promises to deliver a minimum of 5, 12 or 25 leads based on the package you purchased. Lovebook contacts viewers who clicked Like on your ad and notifies them that you might get in touch when the campaign is complete. To do that, you simply send them a friend request after the ad’s run is over.

You have to admit, the idea makes a certain kind of sense. Online dating is increasingly common as the main way that adults find each other to begin new relationships. And who knows more about the people who you’re likely to hit it off with than Facebook? The platform may be the single biggest repository of detailed data profiles on individual people ever compiled. Talk about yentl power!

At the same time, it feels…odd. Not that there’s anything wrong with internet dating – many of the happiest marriages we know of began online. Not to mention the fact that we’re always going on about the amazing power of social media marketing to help you reach new audiences and deliver precise, powerful messages that achieve your goals. So what’s the problem? Or is there no problem and it’s just a great new way Facebook can bring people together?

We’d love to hear what you think about this development because frankly, we’re a bit conflicted. Cool or creepy, or a little of both? Would you respond to a relationship ad targeted to you in your Newsfeed, or would you consider using Lovebook to run some ads yourself? Please, share your thoughts. And remember that however you feel about Lovebook, bbr marketing loves you!


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