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Location, Location, Location

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by Sarah Warlick, content director
Magnify your location!
What are the three most important things in real estate? Location, location and location! Everyone has heard that old adage, because though trite it is undoubtedly correct. And while professional services providers may not be as attuned to …. more >


It’s “Over” Grammar – It’s About Right and Wrong

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by Sarah Warlick, content director
The ‘Garden of earthly delights: Allegory of Luxury’ by Hieronymous Bosch. Creative Commons license.
Following shamelessly on the heels of National Grammar Day on March 4th, the Associated Press’s official diction policy has been amended to allow (gasp) the …. more >


You Don’t Have to Break New Ground to Contribute

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by Sarah Warlick, content director
“It’s been done” shouldn’t keep you from starting a conversation or stating your position.
Blogging, tweeting and all the other opportunities to contribute to the social media conversation can be intimidating for a lot of professionals, particularly when they …. more >


Wordsmith Party Time! Here Are the 2014 Words of the Year

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by Sarah Warlick, content director
Word nerds around the world are reveling in the revelations, vociferating their approval or beginning their well-reasoned rebuttals. The most exciting time of the year is finally at hand: the Words of the Year are here! 
This annual season of …. more >


7 Surefire Strategies to Capture and Hold Your Audience’s Attention

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by Sarah Warlick, content director
As anyone who’s done any public speaking roles knows, it’s critical to gain the attention of your listeners in the initial few moments of your presentation. According to Darlene Price, author of Well Said! Presentations and Conversations …. more >


A Million-Dollar Marketing Plan Can’t Beat a Million-Dollar Smile

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by Sarah Warlick, content director
A professional services provider I know does a pretty good job of marketing. He’s got a good location in downtown Decatur and a presence on social media. Being a small office, it’s not a huge presence, but you can find …. more >