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LinkedIn Announces New Premium Experience

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by Kelly Lucas, client marketing director
Just like Twitter changed profiles to look more like Facebook, now LinkedIn is hopping on the “we all look alike” bandwagon. As announced today on their blog, LinkedIn will begin rolling out a new profile look for their premium …. more >


Rescue Your LinkedIn Recommendations Before They Disappear

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by Sarah Warlick, content director
You know those lovely words in praise of your firm that you proudly display on the firm’s LinkedIn Products & Services tab? Guess what? They’re going to disappear, along with the tab!
In the latest round of social media changes, LinkedIn is more >


Maintain Your Reputation on LinkedIn with These 5 Tips

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LinkedIn is for professional networking, but is your behavior there truly professional? Follow these five rules to be sure you’re not inadvertently violating the professional protocol for using the site.
With LinkedIn growing in popularity as a networking and publishing platform, it’s good policy to …. more >


Are the Elephants Willing to Forget?

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by Sarah Warlick, writer and copy editor
Those fun Facebook pictures live on far, far beyond the point you wish they would. Does this mean you can never get past them? Only the voters know for sure.
Social media is awesome. Before its advent, when you got …. more >


Social Media Interaction Leads to More Referrals

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by Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk, president
I’ve been doing quite a bit of speaking lately, primarily on the topic of content marketing and social media. The audiences tend to include everyone from ardent believers (thank you for your nods and smiles) to complete skeptics (I can see …. more >


Facebook Adds Threaded Comments

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by Sarah Warlick, copywriter and editor
Finally, users can respond to individual comments on your accounting firm’s Facebook Page! It may seem like a small change, but for frequent social media users the lack of threading has been a longstanding irritant. It left perfectly …. more >