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LinkedIn Announces New Premium Experience

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by Kelly Lucas, client marketing director
Just like Twitter changed profiles to look more like Facebook, now LinkedIn is hopping on the “we all look alike” bandwagon. As announced today on their blog, LinkedIn will begin rolling out a new profile look for their premium …. more >


Is All Fair in Love and Social Media War?

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by Matt Galchick, intern
If a tweet gets posted and deleted before anyone gets a chance to read it, did it even exist? According to a Los Angeles jury, the answer is “No.” In what is being considered a ground breaking case by many, a …. more >


Really, It’s Just Chatting

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by Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk, president
Last week, we closed the office on Friday for our annual bbr marketing planning day. As most of you know, it’s tough to completely shut down, even for just one day, but we have found that it is time well spent. …. more >


The Little Blue Bird Enters the Big Leagues

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by Sarah Warlick, writer and copy editor
With a very successful initial public offering behind it, Twitter has more to boast of than ever. Try these ideas to harness the power of the platform.
Following its strong IPO last week and a couple years of rapid growth …. more >


Do You Know the Complete History of Social Media? [Infographic]

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by Kelly Lucas, marketing and social media manager
Most people, when they hear the term “social media,” think of online platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. However, long before there was even a world wide web, there were other media that enabled us to be social. …. more >


What Does the White House Twitter Hoax Have to Do With Me?

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by Kelly Lucas, marketing and social media manager
If you think people aren’t really paying that much attention to what’s said on social media, think again. Yesterday, stocks took a brief nose-dive when the Associated Press tweeted out the announcement that there had been explosions …. more >