Twitter Introduces Interactive Twitter Polls



by Kelly Lucas, client marketing director

In the past, if you wanted to survey the Twitter-sphere, you had to create a special hashtag and manually track and count the responses. Ain’t nobody got time for that! But as luck would have it, Twitter has announced the introduction of Twitter Polls. With this new feature, you now have the ability to create custom polls that you can share into your followers’ newsfeeds.

They’re super simple to create and are done via your status update box. Just look for the pie graph icon, click it, write your question, then your two survey options and you’re good to go. Twitter tracks the answers for you in real time. Plus, with the responses being anonymous, other users will be more inclined to respond, giving you better data.

Twitter Poll

Currently you only have the ability to create two answer options, but that’s better than nothing, especially since Twitter is doing all the hunting and gathering for us. Who knows, they may offer more options later, this is still in its infancy after all.

Now you have a way to quickly gather opinions and insight from followers from all over the world with one tweet. So what questions will you ask?

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