What is Your Favorite bbr marketing Halloween Card?


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Most professionals send out cards to clients to celebrate the winter holidays. That’s a wonderful sentiment and we whole-heartedly encourage everyone to make this sort of an effort. But sometimes, it’s fun to do things a little differently.

We’re a bit irreverent – we know this and embrace it. We also happen to love Halloween, so instead of the standard “Happy Holidays” card, we opt for Halloween cards! We’re using the term “card” loosely here, as we’ve also created Halloween-themed posters and games, but you get the picture. The point is that by sending out a card at Halloween, we stand out from the crowd because, well, there is no crowd! And it can’t hurt that the mailers are pretty dang neat as well. Do you have a favorite? And how can you choose just one! Well, you’re gonna have to try…

October 2016 Survey
Which bbr marketing Halloween mailer is the best? Full views of the options are below, directly under the survey. Vote for your favorite and check back soon for the results!

Halloween 2011: Halloween Trivia Four-Card Pack
bbr marketing Halloween trivia cards bbr marketing Halloween trivia cards bbr marketing Halloween trivia cards bbr marketing Halloween trivia cards

Halloween 2012: Zombie Movie Poster
bbr marketing Halloween zombie poster

Halloween 2013: Snakes & Ladders Foldout Board Game Card
bbr marketing Halloween Snakes & Ladders bbr_halloween_side1

Halloween 2014: Witches eCard
bbr marketing Halloween Witches eCard

Halloween 2015: Heads on a Platter Card
bbr marketing Halloween Card Heads on a Platter

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