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“The team had a great attitude…I always felt confident that things were progressing appropriately.”

Anne Tyler Hall


Anne Tyler Hall is an ERISA and Benefits attorney and founder of Hall Benefits Law (HBL), an Atlanta-based law firm focused on the Affordable Care Act, executive compensation, health and welfare benefits and retirement plan legal compliance. Just as clear and easily accessible information is a key component of her clients’ communications, so too is it for Anne Tyler’s own website. “I primarily serve a corporate client base, and I wanted to make sure my message reflected that,” says Anne Tyler. “My first website was a good start, but I felt it could be better.” Not only did Anne Tyler feel it was time for an upgrade, but a close colleague had offered a “kind suggestion” that it might be time to overhaul the site. “I knew at that point I needed to make the leap.”


Turning to her peers for referrals, Anne Tyler was introduced to bbr marketing. “I went onto the bbr marketing website and looked at some of their work and was impressed. A couple of the examples were in line with what I wanted so I was confident that they could help me.” bbr marketing’s focus on professional services also appealed to Anne Tyler. “They have a better understanding of my type of practice,” she says. “I had talked with other website designers and while they were good, they’d never worked with a corporate law firm before, so they didn’t quite get what my firm really needed.” To start the process, the bbr marketing team talked with Anne Tyler to learn about her firm. “They asked questions about my overall firm goals and what I was looking to accomplish with my site,” she says. “It was very much a ‘forest for the trees’ approach, which is smart.”


Today, HBL has an updated site that is streamlined, easy to navigate and delivers the firm’s message clearly and concisely. “I had given them my ideas and shown them examples of what I liked, but left the design open ended. When they showed me initial design options for my website, I liked what I saw.” Along with being happy with the design, Anne Tyler was equally pleased with the overall process. “The team had a great attitude,” she states. “I had a few rounds of tweaks and changes and they were patient and accommodating. And they were good with providing updates and letting me know when they needed something from me. I always felt confident that things were progressing appropriately.” Site visitors have also given her positive feedback. “My clients and peers have made positive comments about the site, and my colleague who originally suggested the website overhaul gave it a thumbs up!”

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