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Specialized Websites for a Specialized Organization


“Whenever I hear any professional services firm, friend or colleague mention marketing or generating more business, I always ask, ‘Have you talked to bbr?’”

Marc Schwartz, founding partner


Schwartz International is atypical in the world of professional services by being home to two distinct firms: a law firm and a CPA firm. This is a result of the owner, Marc Schwartz, being both an attorney and CPA, an interesting combination to say the least. Clients of all sizes rely on Marc’s diverse and talented team to guide their financial and business decisions and keep them in compliance with the different laws that govern cross-border taxation, business and financial issues. Through Schwartz International’s unique setup, clients receive not just accounting know-how, they also reap the benefits of attorney-client privilege – a serious advantage when discussing cross-border financial matters and one that most CPAs cannot offer their clients. To highlight the different aspects of Schwartz International, Marc needed a new, more modern website that reflected the CPA firm’s serious yet casual culture as well as a coordinating website specifically for the law firm.


Marc wasn’t sure how to communicate all the different messages that the new sites needed to convey. “It was a little tricky because many of our clients are other CPAs who partner with us on international matters or law firms that don’t have the specialty or really know international tax,” explains Marc. “Perhaps they need CPA assistance, but not the legal or vice versa. Both sites needed to showcase how these services can work together yet also stand alone without diluting our branding. We also wanted to ensure our service firm clients that we are still the same firm and will continue to partner (not compete) with them.” Finding the right voice for the websites was also a challenge: “The product is serious, and we are extremely dedicated to helping our clients. However we wanted to make sure our personality would show through – we needed to have that balance.” What’s more, the organization suffered from a misperception that they only focused on Latin America, when in reality they help clients all around the world with complex business, tax and accounting issues. The new sites would need to reflect the full scope of their global reach and service. Marc knew he needed a special team to help him achieve these goals. Having worked with bbr marketing before, he didn’t hesitate to give them a call. “It was a no brainer for their team to do our website.”


Marc’s organization found a natural fit with the bbr marketing team. “Working with bbr marketing is a very interactive process. Their culture is a lot like ours; we tell it like it is.” Schwartz International now boasts two new websites that have an updated look and provide a clearer message to site visitors. “I’m confident that our websites accurately and genuinely reflect who we are, both professionally and personally.” The sites are working to grow his client list as well: “A few times a week we get calls from people who find us from a web search,” reports Marc. “People want to research and find the information for themselves these days. Having a more effectively built and optimized website helps get us in front of them, and the cleaner look and clearer content encourages them to learn more and reach out to us. The expertise from bbr marketing helps us with that very critical first impression. We rely on bbr marketing to make us look good.” Marc further explains, “They also helped us concisely put the relevant substance into our websites. The process of making decisions about the new sites, including writing and refining new copy, was also valuable in an unexpected way. The process made us take a closer look at our overall presentation and helped us get to know ourselves better.” Marc sees good things for the future of his firms and plans for bbr marketing to take an active part in their promotion. “As we continue to grow, I expect bbr marketing will grow with us as an important part of our team.”

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