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Creating a Nationally Recognized Website


“Thanks to the team at bbr marketing, I have a nationally recognized website that relays a clear and concise message to colleagues and potential clients.”

Sandy Wallack, attorney


When Sanford (Sandy) Wallack decided to start his own law firm, Wallack Law, he wasn’t new to the game. “While I had been working with a partner for the last couple of years, I had run my own solo firm before,” says Sandy. “I wanted to go back to that but knew I needed to make some changes from my previous firm messaging and branding.” To get things started, Sandy began working with a law firm practice management consultant. “If I was going to do this, I wanted to do it right.” For his marketing, Sandy had talked with a couple of vendors on his own, but the consultant recommended he speak with bbr marketing. “I spoke with them, took a look at some examples of their previous work and felt they were the right choice,” he says. “Plus, they were very highly recommended and that helped make the decision to hire them that much easier.”


Sandy needed a new logo and website. “I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted them to look like, but I knew I wanted something that was simple and streamlined. bbr marketing sat down and brainstormed several ideas with me and we came up with a concept that worked perfectly for me.” bbr marketing designed a custom logo along with corresponding stationery and business cards as well as a completely new, single page website. Most recently, he added a blog page to his site to further expand his reach.


“It was exactly what I wanted,” says Sandy. “The team at bbr took the time to listen to my ideas and craft a website and branding that tells a complete story without being overwhelming.” Additionally, Sandy was delighted to find out his website had been recognized by as one of their Best Law Firm Websites of 2012. “I’ve received inquiries from other firms that liked my website and wanted to know who created it, so while I already knew it was being well received, my site being named to the Lawyerist list was extra validation that I’d pick the right marketing team.” Sandy is always happy to pass along referrals to bbr marketing and plans to continue working with them as his marketing needs evolve.

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