Creating Awareness for Industry Leaders: Kardon Technology

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“Anybody can take what we do and make it pretty and pleasing to look at, but will it resonate with our target clients? bbr marketing took the time to understand our market and helped us to become a known thought leader in our industry. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

Donna Grindle, Owner & Senior Consultant


When it comes to technology, the folks at Kardon really know their stuff. Marketing, however, was not their field of expertise. “We were basically flipping a coin and seeing how it went for our marketing efforts,” says Donna Grindle, owner of Kardon Tech. “We had some books on marketing, would read articles and would pretty much do it all ourselves as best we could.” And though Donna knew their marketing could be better, there was some hesitation from the team about hiring an outside firm. The overall feeling was that this was an expense they didn’t need. “I had to point out that we’re a tech and compliance company and we needed to focus on what we do best,” says Donna. “I mean, that’s how we sell our services, educating people that we’re the tech experts and you need to hire us, so why wouldn’t we use that same logic on  ourselves with regard to our marketing needs?”


After much discussion, Kardon Tech decided to work with bbr marketing. “We hit it off immediately. They specialize in working with service professionals, which was huge to us. Most people are trying to put something in a box to make it look pretty but we sell our brain power. Plus, they didn’t run away screaming when they found out we focus on medical technology.”

The first thing bbr marketing did was create a marketing plan that clearly defined Kardon’s goals and helped focus their efforts. “Our messaging was all about Kardon and we hadn’t taken the time to define why people needed us. bbr marketing showed us some simple changes we could make right away that put the focus back on the client. It made so much sense, yet we couldn’t see it on our own.”

Additionally, Kardon was scheduled to exhibit at an important conference and needed to make a strong impression. The team created collateral, booth graphics and updated messaging to target conference attendees – all in record time. “We had this great opportunity and we didn’t know what to do with it. bbr marketing took us from that gray area to having everything we needed in less than three months,” says Donna. “We put bbr’s feet to the fire and they didn’t flinch.”


Kardon always advises potential clients to rely on experts with specialized knowledge. Now they are following their own advice by working with bbr marketing, and are very happy with the results. “We will definitely continue working with bbr as our company grows and consider them a partner in that growth.”

The new marketing efforts are already paying off: “bbr had emphasized the need to be a knowledge resource, so we created the Small Provider HIPAA blog. That alone has helped us land a new client, and we’re in talks with others. Plus, we’ve been invited to speak to larger organizations and participate in panels because of our knowledge. We’re now recognized as experts because we listened.”

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