Refocusing and Realigning: Faye Vantreese


“I highly recommend bbr marketing. When your business is cloudy or unclear, they will help clarify your direction and provide precise recommendations to move your marketing and your firm in the right direction.”
Faye Vantreese


Faye Vantreese has been a part of the financial services industry for several years, mostly working at large, well-known national institutions. In her previous position, Faye’s marketing efforts were unfocused. She was spending a lot of time trying to reach a wide variety of market niches, and she found it to be overwhelming. She reached out to bbr marketing to help her find some clarity in her marketing strategy. She met with Bonnie and the two spent a good deal of time combing through what Faye was currently doing for marketing. Bonnie started asking some tough questions, encouraging Faye to really focus on what she wants to do on a day-to-day basis. Bonnie asked her “Why did you enter the financial services industry in the first place?” Faye’s carefully considered answer:
To help other women.


Faye’s initial intent in meeting with bbr marketing was to get some focus on her marketing efforts. What ultimately happened is Faye realized that it was more than just the marketing that needed to change. As a result, and after some considerable soul searching, Faye left her position at a large, national company and joined a new firm, Peachtree Financial Group (PFG). A seven-person shop, each person at PFG is encouraged to focus on a unique niche. Faye’s niche, of course, is now women. “My industry is approximately 95 percent male,” says Faye. “As a woman, I understand how much it can help to have an advisor that really understands the different needs, expectations and financial frustrations and goals that we have.”


bbr marketing helped Faye get to the root of what was important to her. Faye was then able to refocus and really dig deep to see what was important for her going forward in her career. “Our meeting gave me unexpected clarity about exactly what I needed to do,” says Faye. “In the future, at least on an annual basis, I plan to sit down with bbr marketing and take a look at where I am and retool as needed. And if I begin getting unfocused, I know I can call on bbr marketing to help get me back on track.”

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