Marketing Strategy & Plans

In so many cases, professional services firms look at marketing as a series of tactics. Let’s get on social media! We need a brochure for our audit services! Let’s start a blog! Then most wonder why they aren’t getting the results they want from those activities.

Like nearly anything worth doing, you need a plan. But a marketing plan should not be a big document in a binder that sits on a shelf. It should be your frequently consulted roadmap for how you’re going to make clients and prospects aware of your services on a continual basis. A true strategic marketing plan will help you get a handle on where you fit in the market, identify what differentiates you from your competition, define your ideal client and how to best reach them. It should also include a list of measurable objectives and create strategies and tactics for how you are going to meet those goals.

But just having a marketing plan does not guarantee success. If the plan isn’t carefully considered with input from all supporting functions, it will most likely fail. Likewise, if the goals, objectives or action plan are not measurable or unrealistic.

During this process, we’ll get input from firm leadership (and often a handful of clients) about your objectives, targets, service niches and primary and secondary offerings. Based on a detailed analysis of the firm and how you’d like to see it grow, I will create a marketing plan – a roadmap that will help you systematically increase your presence in the market. This end product provides a step-by-step guide to help you reach the goals you’ve established for your firm. A typical marketing plan includes the following analysis and steps:

Business Situation Analysis

  • Executive Summary
  • Service Description
  • Market Analysis
  • Competition
  • Differentiators
  • Client Base
  • SWOT Analysis

Marketing Objectives

  • Once the business analysis is complete, you can move on to discuss your marketing objectives and how they will be measured.

Marketing Tactics

While tactical program plans will likely change and evolve in response to developments and opportunities, it is invaluable to have a detailed list of your planned programs and initiatives, which will support your business and growth objectives. Possible areas to include in your marketing plan follows:

  • Messaging / Positioning
  • Client Satisfaction / Opportunity Research
  • Branded Materials
  • Public Relations
  • Media Advertising
  • Website
  • Information Resources
  • Direct Marketing/Newsletters/E-blasts
  • Event Marketing & Seminars
  • Industry Conferences & Meetings
  • Promotional Items
  • Social Media
  • Etc.

This can be the most important investment you make in terms of firm growth. Don’t leave your firm’s future to chance – call today to get started on a strategic marketing plan that will get you where you want to go.

I am passionate about helping my clients identify their differentiators, create effective marketing strategies and grow exponentially. I know professional services marketing and what it takes to think strategically and execute effectively.


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