Client Interviews & Research

One of the best ways to learn what your clients think about your firm is to simply ask them. Conducting interviews and surveys with your clients can help you uncover their views of your firm and services, gauge their depth of loyalty, solicit their suggestions for improvement and gather ideas about how you can grow. To be most effective, however, this type of research should not be conducted by anyone internal at the firm so clients feel they can be honest and direct with their feedback.

Your clients can provide surprisingly valuable advice and if you aren’t taking advantage of this, you should. Research can be conducted in a number of ways too. I typically recommend that firms create and implement a system to routinely gather client input that includes:

  • Conducting a broad online survey of all your clients to gather baseline information that can influence your messaging and marketing going forward.
  • Additionally, pick a handful of clients, typically 10-15, to interview on the phone to get more in-depth input. These clients should represent a cross-section of your practice areas and include new and legacy clients, those who are happy and some who may be a bit dissatisfied. This is essential to gaining a full understanding of how you and your services are perceived by your clients and uncover areas for improvement or new services you can provide.
  • Repeat this process on an annual basis, choosing different clients to interview, so you can continue to get valuable input and adjust your marketing methods and messaging as needed for greater impact.

The topics covered in this process are customized for each firm, depending on their needs and goals. And don’t worry about “bothering” your clients. I’ve interviewed firm clients for over a decade and not once did someone indicate annoyance. The opposite is true, in fact. Clients appreciate that you care enough to get their input and want to provide information that will help your firm thrive.

Let’s talk about how talking to your clients could give you valuable information and leg up on your competition.

I am passionate about helping my clients identify their differentiators, create effective marketing strategies and grow exponentially. I know professional services marketing and what it takes to think strategically and execute effectively.


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