Smooth and Easy All the Way: Sensiba San Filippo

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“bbr marketing is responsive, genuine and passionate. They not only possess the knowledge and strategic insight to help with your marketing, they are also fun and easy to work with.”

Jennifer Cantero, marketing manager


Sensiba San Filippo is a full service accounting firm serving the greater San Francisco Bay area. They had been working with a marketing team they liked personally, but weren’t getting what they needed professionally. It was time for a change. When the firm began searching for a new creative partner, Jennifer Cantero, SSF’s Marketing Director, was already familiar with bbr marketing. “I had run into bbr marketing at a few conferences in  the past, and I would seek out any sessions where they were speaking,” says Jennifer. “I talked with them at the last AAM conference to discuss what we needed and how they could help. They were easy to talk to, like I was talking with girlfriends. Sometimes you talk to other marketers and they get too into themselves. It was nice to talk to real people who roll up their sleeves. They are enthusiastic about what they do, which is why I like listening to them speak; they are passionate and it comes across.”


“During our last website update, we noticed we needed to beef up our SEO optimization, so we decided to look for someone who would commit to this project,” explains Jennifer. “We also wanted to redo the writing a bit and update the website overall. After I chatted with bbr marketing at the 2015 Association for Accounting Marketing Summit and discussed our issues, we received a proposal with a menu of options. We selected what we needed most and discussed how to proceed.” Right away, Jennifer could see a difference. “Once everything was signed, we immediately
began tackling items on the list. The whole process was clear and very easy as they kept me up to date. They accomplished things in pieces, which helped me with my workflow. And in the event there were questions or concerns, as soon as I called, the bbr team was on it and responsive.”


The technical goals that originally prompted the switch were met completely, as clearly demonstrated through the website analytics Jennifer monitors. “Our web hits have gone up by 32 percent overall compared to last year. Looking just at organic Google searches, we’re up by 16 percent and Bing by 11 percent. There’s always a bit of a pick up around tax season and with website updates, but this was above and beyond.” Jennifer was impressed with how smoothly the transition was from her old firm to bbr marketing. “bbr marketing was good at handling a sensitive transition and was very professional through it all. I was very happy with how everything was handled and with the work they did for us. Working with them was a great decision.”

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