Taking an Accounting Website from Archaic to Cutting Edge: LGC+D


“Working with bbr marketing to update our website was a pleasure and a breeze. Our new site speaks to what ultimately makes us great – our clients – and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

Tracy Tavares, Marketing & Practice Growth Senior Manager


LGC+D is a Providence, Rhode Island-based CPA and business advisory firm. They take great pride in creating close, long-lasting relationships with their clients and in their community involvement. A modern accounting firm with a unique blend of expertise, they use the latest technology to help their clients make the most of their finances. Their previous website, however, spoke to none of this. “The old website was archaic, featuring many stock photos and overly technical language,” says Tracy Tavares, Marketing and Practice Growth Senior Manager for LGC+D. “We’d make some updates here and there, but it just wasn’t working for us. In fact, we had one client comment that while the staff seemed so ‘hip and with it,’ the website didn’t convey any of that personality. We knew we had to do something.” Initially, LGC+D decided to tackle a website revamp on their own. “We batted around some ideas and figured we could take care of this internally. However, we realized fairly quickly that to do this properly would require a lot of time and expertise. We were working with a consultant who advised us to focus our energies on practice growth strategies and leave the website creation to the experts.”


Tracy talked with a handful of marketing firms but when she met with bbr marketing, she knew they were the right fit. “It just felt right when we met with them, especially since they had so much experience working with professional services firms and understood accounting well.” To get things going, bbr marketing conducted a full day session with members of the management team to learn all about LGC+D – who they are, who they wanted to be and where the firm was going and growing. Interviews with the firm’s service and industry leaders helped bbr marketing get a comprehensive understanding of all areas and expertise. But creating the new site copy was more than just writing about LGC+D’s knowledge – it was also about focusing on their clients. “We love our clients and wanted to turn the spotlight back on them, since any success we’ve achieved is a direct result of their own successes.” To achieve this, bbr marketing worked with LGC+D to gather testimonials and made them the primary focus of the updated website design. In addition, photographs from LGC+D’s home community of Providence formed the backdrop for most of the pages on the new site.


The result is a revamped and rebranded website which showcases LGC+D’s clients and community. The response so far has been incredibly positive. Says Tracy, “We’ve had clients send us emails telling us how much they absolutely love the new look and feel of the website, telling us they loved it so much they went through and read each and every page and that it makes us look so modern and unlike any other accounting firm. A couple have even asked to be highlighted next if we add any more client case studies or spotlights.” The reaction internally has also been incredible, with senior and junior staff members alike loving the new look and message equally. “Sometimes you worry that you’ll please one generation with the look, but not another,” says Tracy. “With this update, everyone is pleased.” Prior to starting the website updates, Tracy talked with other firms who’d gone through their own updates and rebuilds to find out what to expect. They all warned her the process was going to be rough. “I never had any such experience. bbr marketing made everything very easy and it was actually a breeze. I should probably call all those people back and tell them they worked with the wrong marketing firm.”

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