“I know what I know, and I prefer to pay experts who know what they know as opposed to tackling what’s outside of my expertise. I have an attorney, I have an IT advisor, and I have Bonnie – my marketing advisor. If you want valuable input and a clear direction, you pay someone who’s an expert in that area and listen to what they say.”

Alicyn McLeod, CPA, CFP, Atlanta.Tax

It’s invaluable to have someone I can trust with our marketing. That’s not my job, it’s not what I do. I know bbr wouldn’t steer me somewhere they wouldn’t go themselves. Bonnie understands me and knows how to communicate with me. That’s essential, because that’s what we do with our clients.

Donna Grindle, Founder & CEO, Kardon

I met Bonnie in 2009, when she started bbr. We became friends, referring opportunities to each other and then, in 2014, I hired her / bbr to be my outsourced marketing and social media partner. Bonnie is great at listening and putting together a marketing strategy that her team was then able to execute. She is creative, edgy, funny and authentic. I heartily recommend Bonnie for the depth and breadth of her marketing skills.

Tony Rushin, VP Sales & Marketing, Network 1 Consulting

Bonnie is a consummate professional. Having worked with her for nearly a decade, I can affirm that she is creative, thoughtful, and direct. She is an expert in her field, but still interacts with clients with a kind, approachable demeanor. She understands business and what is required to take her clients to the next level in their business pursuits. I could not recommend her more highly.

Heather Wright, Attorney, The Wright Attorneys

Whenever I hear any professional services firm, friend or colleague mention marketing or generating more business, I always ask, ‘Have you talked to Bonnie?’

Marc Schwartz, founding partner, Schwartz International

I had the pleasure of working with Bonnie for several years as she and her team managed my firm’s marketing and PR efforts. Bonnie is extremely talented; both creative and organized. She quickly grasped our business and what made us unique and took great strides to highlight our brand in captivating ways. I highly recommend Bonnie!

Matt Tovrog, Partner, Bell Oaks

Bonnie and her team designed my firm’s logo and website. They were responsive, creative, and always quick to find a solution when problems arose. Bonnie is a fantastic marketing consultant, a genuinely kind person, and I would recommend her to any service professional looking for help with their marketing efforts.

Edwin Cook, Business Litigation Attorney, Edwin Cook Law

When my former firm was looking for someone to develop and execute a marketing plan I sought recommendations from many peers at other firms. One name came up again and again, Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk. Bonnie and her team reviewed and rebuilt our website, marketing materials, social media plan, and firm growth strategy from the ground up. She became my go to person for any creative needs that I had. She understands the unique needs of professional service firms and how to best reach your desired market in a professional and creative way. When we started a new consulting firm earlier this year, Bonnie was my first call. She is not only an expert in her field, she is a pleasure to work with.

Beverly Sparkmon, COO, Sparkmon Advisory Services

Whenever I need anything creative or marketing related I know I can go to bbr marketing to produce something great. Everyone at bbr marketing “gets” professional services marketing. The fact that they’ve worked in professional services firms is great because they understand firsthand the internal culture.

Brent Bridges, firm administrator, Bloom Sugarman

They took me to a place that’s progressive and I appreciate that. I see them as certainly being a consultant for me in the future. I expect that when they have ideas I hope they’ll throw them my way.

Steve Kaplan, CPA/ABV, founder & owner, S. Kaplan CPA

I am pleased to endorse and support the bbr marketing. Their firm, and great team of professionals, provided tireless support acting as our marketing function for many years. They were true partners, helping us with our web site, all collateral materials, press releases, quality initiatives, client events, and in any other area that we needed help. Their dedication and collaboration is exceptional.

Ron Self, Former Chief Executive Officer, Onepath Systems, Inc.

The team at bbr marketing makes working with them a pleasure. They are proactive in providing regular updates and also quickly responsive whenever I have a question or need. They worked to make things as easy as possible for me and the firm and we are grateful for their hard work.

Stephanie Gandsey, marketing director, DHJJ

The team had a great attitude…I always felt confident that things were progressing appropriately.

Anne Tyler Hall, Attorney, Hall Benefits Law

What I like most is the communication and the support that I got as well as the creativity of their work. They’re not afraid to push the envelope; they can step outside the box as much as I let them.

Katie Tolin, Marketing Director, SS&G

bbr marketing was able to create a website that was refreshing and clear while still relaying the necessary information to our clients and prospects. We are very pleased with the end result.

Jerry Dorfman, CPA, PFS, Principal, Convergence Wealth Advisors

I loved how bbr marketing assisted me. The design and wording were perfect, the printing was top notch and the team kept me informed every step of the way.

Cathy Wright, Owner, Wright Tax Solutions, LLC

They listened to what I wanted and the end product was exactly what I had in my head.

Chuck Clay, Attorney, Chuck Clay & Associates

Working with bbr marketing to update our website was a pleasure and a breeze. Our new site speaks to what ultimately makes us great – our clients – and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Tracy Tavares, Marketing & Practice Growth Senior Manager, LGC+D

It was a pleasure to work with the team at bbr marketing. They understood our needs and asked the right questions to ensure we communicated the right message with our copy. They were always available to provide feedback and keep us on track with the project.

Sharon G. Dickinson, Marketing Manager, Raich Ende Malter & Co.

Thanks to the team at bbr marketing, I have a nationally recognized website that relays a clear and concise message to colleagues and potential clients.

Sanford (Sandy) Wallack, Attorney, Wallack Law

The team at bbr marketing quickly proved that they were a good fit for Onepath. They jumped right in and have brought our messaging, branding and entire marketing presence to an entirely new level.

Fran Leach, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Onepath Systems

With so many websites thinking ‘more is more,’ bbr marketing helped me create a more concise message about my skills and service areas, meaning less needless content on my site and more attention focused on answering client questions.

Phil Belin, Attorney, Belin Law Firm

I must say, your team of writers is phenomenal! I can’t say that very often because I feel like there are so many people (even professional writers!) out there who just don’t know how to write! That being said, I’m very impressed.

Paige Witherspoon, Thomson & Company CPAs

We now understand the issues and challenges we need to address before we can increase membership and the activities that will promote our organization and maximize our marketing efforts.

Janet Young, Board President, AWSCPA

Bonnie took the time to get to know my personality and style. She never said ‘No, this is what you must do.’ Instead, she gave me the marketing I needed with a feel I could own. I’m very proud of the end product.

Kimberly A. Childs, Attorney, BizDisputeAttorney.com

Working with bbr marketing was a pleasure. They kept me informed every step of the way and the end product has helped my firm appear more polished, resulting in new work.

Craig Thomson, President, Thomson & Co.

Not only is their work top quality, bbr marketing also represents the pinnacle of professionalism and client relationship management. They are responsive and communicate clearly and effectively. Having worked with other marketing firms, I can confidently state they are head and shoulders above others in their field.

Gale Crosley, CPA, Founder and President, Crosley+Company

In my career, I can remember all the bad choices I’ve made and precious few of the good ones. But this one will stick with me – working with bbr marketing is one of the best career moves I’ve made since branching out on my own.

J.D. Floyd, Management Consultant, CFO Outsourcing Solutions

I highly recommend Bonnie. When your business is cloudy or unclear, she will help clarify your direction and provide precise recommendations to move your marketing and your firm in the right direction.

Faye Vantreese, Financial Advisor, Peachtree Financial Group

What has impressed me most is how reassuring it is to work with a group that listens to, applies and improves upon my vision.

Todd Stanton, Principal, Stanton Law LLC

Bonnie has helped us communicate with our clients and potential clients in ways we just weren’t able to do otherwise.

Jim Crabb, President, PerryCrabb

Bonnie is an exceptional business writer – her skills are just incredible. She really understands the world of social networking and has great ideas. The most important thing to me about Bonnie, however, is her flexibility and integrity. She has helped us gain exposure and got results instantly. That is not something you see in the marketing world very often…

Paige Hall, CEO, AboutFace Corp.

We have worked with talented marketers in the past. Bonnie has a certain sharpness that sets her apart from the pack. She has an energy, drive, focus and competency that you just don’t find everywhere.

Rick Solomon, CEO, RAN ONE Americas

Bonnie led two LinkedIn sessions for our leadership team. Her presentation was clear and insightful, and reflected her solid understanding of the culture and business development approach taken by professional services firms. Each attendee left fired up about LinkedIn’s possibilities, with an understanding of exactly how to make LinkedIn work for them. As proof that the sessions were truly well received and of substance, a month after the sessions, people are still enthusiastically applying the LinkedIn principles she taught us and have bought into the platform as a useful tool. Thank you, Bonnie!

Julie Barnes, Marketing Director, Smith & Howard

I have nicknamed Bonnie the Social Media Goddess and the name fits. She knows the ins and outs of social media and is adept at presenting to all types of groups, large and small. Her presentation to my real estate colleagues on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and blogging was informative, entertaining, intriguing – and we will have her back for more!

Jo Kenney, Associate Broker, Keller Williams Realty Metro Atlanta

I was lucky to meet Bonnie about a year ago, and have come to realize she is a complete and wonderful pleasure to work with; her expertise and creative abilities are phenomenal. She took an idea and developed a marketing image and marketing pieces that really reflected what was in my head but in a much better way than I could have imagined. Bonnie is dedicated to her work, and that dedication is reflected in her results. She will give you honest advice and get you to where you want to be in your marketing efforts.

Judi Vitale, President, Vitale CFO

The team at bbr marketing is professional, prompt and gets “it.” They proved to have great understanding of our client’s needs and challenges and delivered projects on-time and on-target. As someone else said, they have keen insights and the ability to look at projects strategically as well as tactically. I would not hesitate to work with them again.

Janet Carter, Manager of Marketing Services, PKF North America

bbr marketing is a process-oriented team of experts who follow through, keep our activities and marketing staff accountable and engage us with their discipline and encouragement. They are true professionals, and we have received value beyond the fee.

Dolly Evans, President/CEO, Small Business Services

bbr marketing was able to take my concept from our first meeting and bring it all together with little effort on my part. I needed a logo, had an idea of the final look, but did not know how to get there. They gave me options and the ability to provide feedback quickly. I travel extensively and don’t always have the time to focus on any one project. Bonnie allowed me to delegate without fear. As my business grows, there will be no search for my marketing needs, as bbr marketing does it all!

Rayann Larsen, President, The Work Spot

Bonnie is one of the best writers I have worked with in my long career as a market strategist. She understands a client’s strategic needs from the first meeting and translates them into a clear writing style. She has proven herself as a professional service writer as well as having technical expertise. Bonnie has never missed a deadline, which is a big plus for MAX Advertising and the quick turn around we sometimes need.

Tom Matte, Owner, MAX Advertising

I am so happy that I had the chance to meet Bonnie this past year. Every time our paths cross, I am amazed at her wealth of knowledge. She is a constant source of inspiration for me as her presentations encourage me to get moving. I frequently visit her social media sites for great pieces of information. As a host of a monthly networking breakfast, I asked Bonnie to lead the attendees in a discussion regarding social networking and branding yourself. It was riveting. The breakfast was lively and Bonnie was simply a fountain of knowledge. I received so many compliments on that breakfast and all thanks to Bonnie. She was fantastic. She recently served as a panelist at another function I coordinated, and again, she did not disappoint. Bonnie is an instrumental member of this community and your life will be better with her in it.

Rebecca McFadyen, Associate, Ballard Spahr LLP

Bonnie is one of the most professional and detail-oriented marketing professionals with whom I have ever worked. Her grasp of the various nuances and key objectives in getting a marketing effort off the ground and running smoothly for a professional services firm is quite impressive. She also brings a different perspective to business issues, demonstrating her keen insights and ability to look at problems more strategically than just tactically.

The other thing about Bonnie I enjoyed most when working with her was simply her willingness to take on whatever task needed to get done, including those others weren’t willing to tackle. She can clearly manage myriad tasks and still get done what needs to get done. Finally, with her extrovertive personality and great sense of humor, she makes working with her a real pleasure. Ultimately, she is a rare resource and would be the ideal asset for any firm looking to outsource a marketing professional.

Carl Alper, Former Business Development Director, Windham Brannon

I got to know Bonnie through the Association for Accounting Marketing and knew I wanted to work with her and her team if the opportunity arose. I got my opportunity when my firm needed to update our website. Bonnie and her team helped us think through our goals for the project which was no small task considering the number and personalities of stakeholders involved. Once our needs and expectations were clearly defined, she crafted a reasonable approach that would meet our objectives within our budget and offered us advice, guidance, and encouragement along the way. She was always incredibly responsive, even when I just wanted to brainstorm or had questions about other marketing issues unrelated to our project. The updated website exceeded our expectations in terms of the messaging, design and functionality. We felt like the quality and value we received were significantly more than what we had imagined we could afford. She is a creative thinker, a proactive problem-solver and a pleasure to work with.

Heather Kunz, Marketing & Business Development Manager, Williams Benator Libby

Bonnie’s reputation preceded our meeting each other several years ago. Her brand is well known and highly respected. The first time we spoke, the level of enthusiasm Bonnie showed about my business sent a strong message to me that “she gets it”. That makes Bonnie incredibly unique, through her ability to listen and capture our “why” and “vision”, she then put together a strategic marketing plan for us. The result is a strong and clear message that reflects who we are and what we do – as a business owner I recognized the trappings of being my own ghostwriter – through Bonnie’s expertise she comprised an image of us that was real and without fluff, bluff and making stuff up! Totally unexpected and going above and beyond, Bonnie looked for introduction opportunities for panels, conferences and workshops to help us grow our business. From that perspective, Bonnie is a purposeful partner because she looked at who we are and asked “what more can they do”? To do this, she needed to understand our strengths, our plans and what was important to us. In measuring the ROI of working with Bonnie, it’s a 7:1 value proposition for each marketing dollar spent. That being said, the intangible ROI is priceless. Bonnie created a meaningful impact on our ability to be seen and understood in our market.

Sue Groszkiewicz, Strategic Business Advisor, Accountable for Change

My clients, my practice of law and my firm are serious to me, and when the time came to think objectively about the marketing of my new firm and its experienced professionals, I wanted to take a serious approach. I hired Bonnie and bbr marketing because, like me, they take their business seriously (without taking themselves too seriously). I needed a marketing team who were masters in their industry, and bbr marketing did not disappoint. Like seasoned artists, the bbr marketing team took my visions, thoughts, goals and expectations, and with their added element of targeted market research, turned those things into a tangible reality.  In an extremely short timeframe, the bbr marketing professionals set forth a marketing game plan, executed on that game plan, and to this day, continue to deliver more than what they promised. Many late nights and weekends went into the creation of my firm, and Bonnie and her team were literally right there with me on those nights and weekends. bbr marketing is more than marketing – they are now a strategic partner in the success and growth of my firm.

Mitesh J. Patel, Principal, MJ Patel Law Group

Bonnie’s presentation of Marketing 101 at the North Perimeter Chapter of the Georgia Society of CPA’s was fantastic! She had some great insights into the world of marketing and terrific presentation skills. Her experience with accounting firms is invaluable – she was able to tailor her presentation to our needs and weaknesses to provide insightful recommendations. I would make a point of attending another of her presentations – she’s wonderful!

Paula Sands, Manager, Brady Ware

Bonnie presented the topic Marketing 101 for CPAs to our N. Perimeter chapter of the GSCPA. She had fresh, insightful, interesting content, and she was a natural in front of our group. Bonnie has an engaging presentation style that kept our attention…even after dinner! We appreciated her 20 years of marketing experience and tips and anticipate inviting her back. I highly recommend her to any group!

Jennifer Birtz, Senior Manager, Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP

Bonnie facilitated our marketing retreat and assisted us in the development of a new marketing strategy. We have been focused on transforming our firm’s approach to marketing, and bbr marketing has been a resource for every step of the process. They have led training sessions, written copy for our web site and offered outstanding advice.

Dave Lingel, Firm Administrator, Galanti & Company, P.C.