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A Marketing Director When I Need Her


“I know what I know, and I prefer to pay experts who know what they know as opposed to tackling what’s outside of my expertise. I have an attorney, I have an IT advisor, and I have Bonnie – my marketing advisor. If you want valuable input and a clear direction, you pay someone who’s an expert in that area and listen to what they say.”

Alicyn McLeod


Alicyn initially reached out to bbr about two to three years after she began working for herself because she wanted to increase her firm’s exposure. Up to that point, her main source of business development had been attending in-person events. While she knew there were other marketing activities she could be doing, she didn’t know where to start.

“That’s why I went to Bonnie and asked if she would help,” Alicyn said.


When Alicyn first started working with bbr, she and Bonnie worked together to create a strategic marketing plan. “Bonnie asked questions, performed research, and created a 10-12-page list of action items,” Alicyn shared. bbr helped her pinpoint where opportunities were by carefully listening to what she wanted and how she wanted to grow.

“One by one, Bonnie helped me cross the items off the plan that I wanted to tackle,” Alicyn said, adding that it was bbr that recommended taking her Twitter handle – @AtlantaTax – and buying the URL Atlanta.Tax for her website. “Bonnie found out that the URL was available and said, ‘If you don’t buy it before the end of the day, I will.’ So I did, and here we are!”

Projects have included launching a website, ongoing marketing help and other special projects, including branding, logos and managing Atlanta.Tax’s blog and client newsletter.

“She makes it look and feel so much better than I could have on my own. The end result is so polished and professional,” Alicyn said.

Another task Alicyn turns to bbr for is case studies for her clients. “Of all the marketing folks I’ve done anything with, she’s the one I trust the most to talk with my clients,” Alicyn said. “I feel very comfortable that anyone she’s talking with on my behalf will be treated respectfully and enjoy the interaction.”


Atlanta.Tax now has a one-stop-shop website where visitors can learn more about Alicyn and read informative articles and case studies.

She recently landed a client thanks to the case studies Bonnie created. “When we originally spoke, they were coming from a not-so-great relationship with their prior CPA, and they asked for a couple of client references,” said Alicyn. As she had six detailed client stories on her website that she could quickly share, she was able to provide the prospect with multiple references – on the spot. “These case studies answered the questions the prospect had, and they became a client whose fees paid for the case studies!”

Alicyn has no qualms recommending Bonnie to others, primarily because of her years of experience and deep familiarity with accounting and advisory firms. “It’s nice to work with someone who has knowledge of my industry, so I can gain insight from her experience working with other firms,” Alicyn said.

“Bonnie understands my brand and what I’m willing – and not willing – to do in terms of marketing. If I start crossing over my own line, she’ll quick to point it out and brainstorm alternative actions.”

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