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Creating a Website that Gets Right to the Point


“With so many websites thinking ‘more is more,’ bbr marketing helped me create a more concise message about my skills and service areas, meaning less needless content on my site and more attention focused on answering client questions.”

Phil Belin, Attorney


Phil Belin, founder and president of Belin Law Firm in Omaha, Nebraska, believes that in order for a business to be attractive to potential clients, it must be willing to keep its marketing and website fresh and up to date. He’s so committed to this that in his fourth year of operation, he’s had three iterations of his website. “Businesses just need to do this from time to time,” Phil says. “It’s important to stay current and to show your clients that you take yourself, and therefore their work, seriously.” Primarily, Phil felt his website needed to focus more on his niche and better communicate his specialties, especially when people are overloaded with information on a daily basis and crave simplicity. “Yes, there’s quite a bit I can do, but I have specialized knowledge in certain areas and I felt the website I had didn’t express that well enough.”


When contemplating a new direction for his website, Phil came across the list of the Best Law Firm Websites of 2012 on the Lawyerist website. One particular website design created by bbr marketing caught his eye. It was a clean, one-page site designed for the boutique law practice Wallack Law – a firm much like his own. The copy was short, sweet and to the point, which was exactly what Phil had in mind for his new site. He decided to reach out to bbr marketing to discuss creating his own single page site.


“Coming into this website project, I had a 30,000 foot view of what I wanted,” says Phil. “Working with bbr and talking through it, we were able to crystalize those ideas into a format that worked best for me.” Much like the concept behind the website itself, the process was also very efficient, resulting in the website going live within just a few weeks of the start of the project. Using the ideas Phil brought to the table, bbr marketing has created a website that is easy to navigate and effectively communicates what differentiates Belin Law from other firms. Unlike most law websites, it is clutter-free and direct, exactly as Phil would have it. “I’m very pleased with the overall results and the quality of work. I’m excited to have clients see the new look.”

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