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Strategic Marketing & Branding That Properly Represents The Firm


“Whenever I need anything creative or marketing related I know I can go to bbr marketing to produce something great. Everyone at bbr marketing “gets” professional services marketing. The fact that they’ve worked in professional services firms is great because they understand firsthand the internal culture.”

Brent Bridges, firm administrator


Bloom Sugarman is one of Atlanta’s most well-known and highly respected boutique civil litigation firms. With years of successful practice, it was time for a more focused approach to marketing to ensure their website and brand reflected the exceptional quality of legal services that the firm provides its clients. Brent Bridges, the firm’s Executive Director, knew what was needed: “We wanted to rebrand the firm, but we had not ever gone through a formal process to do that. Since I have a marketing background, I knew the value of having professionals take on our marketing needs instead of trying to handle everything internally. I had heard Bonnie speak before, so I reached out to bbr marketing.


Before Bloom Sugarman started working with bbr marketing, their approach to marketing, as Brent puts it, “was always a little hodgey-podgey, with some stuff done here, some by outside vendors. They helped us come up with a logo and redesign our entire website. Refreshing that was a big process,” continues Brent, “especially with multiple partners and visions. I also wanted to be able to make changes to content myself, whereas before I had to call someone. That was incredibly inconvenient. With our new website, I can make changes as needed. It’s so much more efficient.” Very quickly, he felt confident in the way the process unfolded. “There were a lot of options and different ideas; I appreciated the fact that bbr marketing understands a partnership culture and that there were so many different opinions. They were able to accommodate our different and sometimes competing needs and wants with what they could create and offer, and then meet those needs.”


The firm is very happy with the end result. “They sat down with us and strategized about achieving business development goals with the website; it wasn’t just about colors and look, it was about how the site could dovetail into our overall business strategy,” says Brent. “Now the site is responsive, and with WordPress, it’s easy to change so we can be self-sufficient. They trained us to be able to make updates, but if we have a more complex change, we know bbr marketing is there to help us.” Bloom Sugarman now turns to bbr marketing to address new and ongoing marketing needs, including a recent advertisement. “We don’t normally do advertising, so we needed something fast and with no precedent. The team at bbr marketing turned something great around very quickly. This is why they are our marketing partner. We know we can go to them for anything and they’ll be able to help us.”

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