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“In my career, I can remember all the bad choices I’ve made and precious few of the good ones. But this one will stick with me – working with bbr marketing is one of the best career moves I’ve made since branching out on my own.”

J.D. Floyd


When J.D. Floyd first started CFO Outsourcing Solutions, Inc., he found that he didn’t have much need for formal marketing. “I guess I was lucky I didn’t need marketing initially,” he said. “I would send a few emails, make some phone calls and then get a new assignment. Done.” But as time went on and a down economy caused a flood of newly-minted “outsourced CFOs” to hit the market, he realized that his current efforts were no longer enough to keep up. He was getting lost in the mix. J.D. decided he needed some formal, professional marketing to stand out. He ran a Google search on “professional services marketing” and found bbr marketing. “I needed someone that understood my services and understood the market. After talking to two other firms, I could tell bbr marketing knew where I wanted to go and that they wanted to be a part of it. It was a great relationship from the start.”


To kick things off, bbr marketing sat down with J.D. to discuss his overall business goals and to devise a marketing plan and strategy that would allow him to reach them. “I knew where I needed to be and what I needed to do, and this process helped to validate that I was on the right track and exposed me to a number of new ideas as well,” said J.D. “I needed to enhance my online presence, and they helped to put it on course.” First step: setting up accounts on TwitterFacebookiShade and LinkedIn. J.D. promptly began participating in “the online conversation” and is also in the process of creating a blog for his website.


“Even before I had all my marketing ducks in a row, I could tell bbr marketing’s work was paying off.” Within the first couple of weeks of kick-starting his social media presence, J.D. began receiving calls from potential clients and competitors alike, asking for interviews and seeking to glean knowledge on industry issues. When colleagues ask J.D. what he’s doing differently, he tells them he hired professional marketing assistance. Most reply they can’t afford that. His response? They can’t afford not to! “I couldn’t be more pleased,” said J.D. “I know the uptick in my networking right now is a direct result of working with bbr marketing. I know I can rely on them to help me now and in the future.”

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