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Creating a Clear, Concise & Powerful Website


“They listened to what I wanted and the end product was exactly what I had in my head.”

Chuck Clay


When attorney Chuck Clay decided to create his own firm, he knew he needed to establish an online presence starting with a website. “I started doing some research to find someone who could build a site that would make an impact,” says Chuck. “I heard about bbr marketing through another attorney, Todd Stanton of Stanton Law LLC. I was really impressed with his website.” After talking with Todd and several others, as well as reviewing their websites, Chuck decided to work with bbr marketing. “I liked their sample work and had heard great things about their skill and work ethic; I felt we would have a real relationship with them as opposed to just receiving a packaged product.”


From the time Chuck first met with bbr marketing and filled out their standard website questionnaire, he knew he was in good hands. “They got started on the website immediately. The quality of their work was very impressive, as were their communications skills.” Chuck was equally impressed with the accessibility of the content bbr marketing wrote for the website. “They understand our business and the legal field, but they write in a way that is accessible to the actual end client without losing substance,” says Chuck. “I believe it’s hard for lawyers to do their own marketing; they struggle to avoid legalese when communicating withnon-lawyers about legal services.”


When bbr marketing sent the first link to the site for preview, Chuck was very relieved. “Everything had sounded good, but seeing the draft product was exciting.” The outside feedback Chuck has received has been very positive, too. “Visitors say they appreciate the clean design and the clarity of the copy that they find at” Chuck enjoyed the fact that he received personal attention and had a direct relationship with everyone involved in the creation of the website, without any bureaucratic barriers: “I feel like I can get an immediate response with bbr marketing. They will play a role in helping our firm grow into what I would like it to become. I can see a continuous relationship between our firm and bbr marketing.”

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