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Putting Her Best Face Forward


“Not only is their work top quality, bbr marketing also represents the pinnacle of professionalism and client relationship management. They are responsive and communicate clearly and effectively. Having worked with other marketing firms, I can confidently state they are head and shoulders above others in their field.”

Gale Crosley, CPA


Listed as one of CPA Practice Advisors’  Top 25 Thought Leaders for a number of years, Gale Crosley’s name is synonymous with growth in the accounting industry. Her company, Crosley+Company, guides firms using the Practice Growth Model, and her efforts have helped many firms gain the success they desired through hard work, updated internal processes and improved communications. However, Gale was so busy assisting her clients with their growth plans and staying abreast of the latest trends that she had little time to devote to keeping her own communications fresh. “It’s a classic case of ‘the cobbler’s children have no shoes,’” says Gale. “I was so focused on helping my clients that I let my own website and online presence slide.” Gale felt she should serve as an example for the industry and decided to seek assistance to establish a social media presence and create a new website.


To help with her online makeover, Gale reached out to bbr marketing. “I had worked with Bonnie before and knew I could trust the quality of her firm’s work. She understands the differences and nuances of a professional services audience. Plus, I absolutely love her firm’s website.” Gale wanted a website that was professional, clean, uncluttered and – most importantly – focused on the client. She also wanted to create social media profiles on iShadeTwitterFacebook and LinkedIn, where she could share updates and industry insights.


Crosley+Company has an active social media presence and an updated, modern website. “I couldn’t be happier,” says Gale. “Having an outdated, old website is like leaving the house in sweatpants and no makeup. Your reputation is tied to how you present yourself, so it’s professionally imperative to always put your best face forward.” The new site layout allows for more efficient navigation, helping visitors find the information they need quickly and easily. According to Gale, the response to her new online presence has been incredibly positive, and she reports receiving multiple kudos on the new Crosley+Company look. “It’s great. People have gone out of their way to tell me how wonderful it looks! In bbr marketing, I have an outsourced marketing department that has not only created a great website and continue to help manage my social media, but I know they will continue to do great work for me well into the future.”

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