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Jumping In with Both Feet to a New Industry


“Bonnie thinks about our growth and is not just a “yes” woman. I want people who are truly direct but want the best for my business on my team. Bonnie is not going to put me in a bad place but will guide me to the right place to grow.”

Alan Jones


HiFi Buys, at Atlanta-based home audio retailer, wants its customers to “Get the Experience.” Owner Alan Jones wanted to show people the kind of experience they get when working with HiFi Buys and their products, which required a new marketing effort.

“I was looking for someone who could help grow my business, with minimal supervision and direction; a knowledgeable team player who “gets it,” Alan said. He wanted someone who could handle all aspects of marketing and growth including managing social media, keeping the HiFi team informed of new opportunities, drafting press releases, managing the brand – and developing a new website (their previous website didn’t do a lot for them).

“One of the things I did was establish, ‘how do we need to work with you, and, at the same time, this is how I need you to work with me,” Alan said. “And Bonnie was very flexible.”

The home audio and theater retail space weren’t really in Bonnie’s wheelhouse, and she was quick to say that she wasn’t very familiar with the industry.

“But that’s been the most surprising aspect of working with Bonnie,” Alan said. “She took off running, which I attribute to her business acumen from working in the accounting space. She can talk about something casually more than technically and make it relatable.”


One of the first tasks was to create a new website then quickly expand it to include e-commerce. Bonnie and her team brought a human sense to the website, spending hours discussing our culture and goals before even starting the design and content development.

“Everywhere you look on the site, there’s something that makes it unique to the individual buyer, such as our HiFi Chats and our ‘Meet the Team’ section on the homepage,” Alan said. “We wanted that person-to-person connection. It’s professional but homey. Sometimes developers go way out of the norm to standout, but she kept it within the structure of what we wanted.”


The new site helped grow business nearly 35% during the first two months of 2020 over the same time in 2019.

“Where customers were buying one product before, now they’re buying complete systems,” Alan said. “The website had a major impact because she and her team spent a lot of time upfront on vision and who we are so customers could see the kind for experience they’d have if they came to our store. Our store is stronger today because of it.”

HiFi Buys is looking at doubling their business in the next two years.

“Bonnie is really finding her space with us,” Alan said. “I’m willing to invest in, and grow with, her as she grows with us. She’s very responsive, works well with everyone and adapts to the individual she’s working with in the moment. She’s delivered more than she promised, and our trust factor is very high. She’s very genuine. I often wish I was in the accounting world with her where she really masters the space!”

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