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S. Kaplan CPA



Website & Branding that Differentiates an Exceptional Firm 



“They took me to a place that’s progressive and I appreciate that. I see them as certainly being a consultant for me in the future. I expect that when they have ideas I hope they’ll throw them my way.”

Steve Kaplan, CPA/ABV, founder & owner


Steve Kaplan needed proper marketing for his CPA practice. “I had been a partner at a larger firm that broke up, and I decided to strike out on my own,” explains Steve. “But it happened so quickly I didn’t have time to get any formal marketing together. I needed a website, not so much to sell my services, but so someone can look me up and feel comfortable after having been referred to me. The primary need was to validate who I am and what I can offer clients. However, I also wanted it to become a resource for clients so they can look up information, schedule appointments and make payments.” In addition to the website, Steve needed higher quality collateral materials that reflected his firm’s professionalism. “My letterhead was just in Word, and I wanted to do it the right way. I didn’t have a good logo or business cards – just stuff I’d put together quickly when I first started.”


Steve’s firm provides realistic and practical advice for clients, and he took the same approach to his marketing needs. “I believe if you’re going to do it, do it right,” says Steve. “I saw Bonnie speak at an event and while talking with her, I could tell she was knowledgeable and that there was a reason she’d been named an accounting Top 100 influencer. She had a great team, and everything aligned.” He also liked bbr marketing’s specialized focus. “They understood my profession and specific needs, which was a big consideration in choosing them. Lots of firms do marketing and branding for all sorts, but bbr marketing is in the space that I am and they clearly understand the work that I do.” A big thrust of Steve’s practice is dispute resolution and collaborative practice, which can sometimes be difficult to explain from a financial professional’s perspective. “They’ve worked with others who’ve done collaborative work, so I didn’t have to explain it to them, they got it, which made the process that much easier.” As work began, Steve was pleased with how thoroughly bbr marketing gathered information. “They gave me a questionnaire and followed up with more questions to find out who I am and what I want.”


Steve found working with bbr marketing easy: “I always heard back quickly. They’re very responsive, probably more so to me than I was to them!” He was even more impressed with their creativity. “One of the things I appreciated was that bbr marketing would dare me to be different, would present ideas and encourage me to push the envelope a little. Part of being an influencer is getting people to push boundaries. The website pushed me to try something that’s different in terms of look, and I’ve been happy with it.” The business card is very different too. “It’s very striking. When I hand out my cards, people say ‘this is different’ and ‘its really nice, who did this?’ That works well for my practice. I’m different from a typical CPA in the work I do, so I’m able to tie all that together. One of my competitors saw my card and he was so impressed he told another attorney about it. When your competition is impressed with you, you know you’re doing something right!”

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