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Strategic Marketing Services for a Specialized Accounting Firm



“We would absolutely recommend bbr marketing, and have already. We want them to continue to help us grow!”

Beverly Sparkmon


Sparkmon & Associates, CPAs provides complete business and accounting solutions to hundreds of McDonald’s franchisee owner/operators across the country as well as for other business clients. Beverly Sparkmon, a partner at the firm, was proud of the company’s reputation and growth, and she wanted to encourage both with an organized approach to marketing, new collateral and a rebuilt website. She explains, “We grew well on word of mouth. But as we grew, we decided we wanted a more strategic approach to marketing. We wanted to keep expanding our reach, working smarter not harder.” Having heard Bonnie speak at a conference in the past, she liked that bbr marketing specialized in the accounting profession. But before making a decision on a marketing partner, she wanted to explore all her options and asked some other CPA firms who they recommended.


“9 out of 10 of the referrals were for bbr marketing,” reports Beverly. “That was our Good Housekeeping seal of approval. We know other marketing folks but bbr marketing knows our audience. That gave us confidence that we wouldn’t be going off on wild goose chases that would work for others but not a firm like ours.” The first step was a marketing plan. She says, “We loved the team from the beginning – their expertise on the profession, focused responses, helping us prioritize what is most important and what works and what doesn’t.” After that, it was time to implement the strategy and firm’s website was one of the first things to tackle. Beverly says, “The biggest project was the website. It needed to be rebuilt so it was responsive, more modern looking and truly focused on our differentiators. We love the results and appreciate their help keeping it up to date and current now that it is complete.”


The process went smoothly and delivered everything Beverly had hoped for. “We’ve had very favorable responses to the marketing and website. We are better prepared for meetings and events and now have a unified message throughout the firm.” When asked to rate their experience working with bbr marketing, Beverly says, “I’d give them 11 on a scale of 1-10 in explaining what’s needed and responsiveness! With bbr marketing, we can take care of our marketing responsibilities without hiring a full-time person; bbr marketing is our outsourced marketing department.” Now that Sparkmon has met their initial goals, they’re sticking with bbr marketing to continue implementing their strategic plan and reaching new clients. “We want them to continue to help us grow!”

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