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A Whole New Look & Feel


“Working with bbr marketing was a pleasure. They kept me informed every step of the way and the end product has helped my firm appear more polished, resulting in new work.”

Craig R. Thomson, president


Craig Thomson has been assisting clients with their accounting needs for over 30 years. When he opened his own firm, Thomson & Company CPAs & Business Advisors, P.C., he did what many business owners often do – create a generic website and brand just to have a presence. “Admittedly the marketing was not organized and was very haphazard,” says Craig. “There was no harmonious effort. We just do things as needed and the original logo was designed internally. Accountants should just do accounting and let the professionals handle marketing!” Craig felt that the image they had created did not accurately reflect the professionalism and integrity of the company, not just from a clients’ perspective but for the purposes of recruiting new talent as well.


Craig knew he needed to do something to update his marketing but wasn’t sure what direction to take. While attending the annual RAN ONE accounting association conference, he was introduced to Bonnie and was immediately impressed. “I could tell she knew how to properly assist with marketing professional services. And since she was a speaker, I knew that she was respected by those I respect and whose opinion I value.” The very first task bbr marketing tackled was creating a marketing plan for Thomson & Company. This meeting gave Craig the opportunity to discuss his goals for the firm and to hone in on the message he wanted to deliver to potential clients and new talent. From this plan, bbr marketing then designed a new logo and stationery and created an entirely new website.


“I’m very happy with the new marketing and branding for Thomson & Company,” says Craig. “Those that have seen the new look have been very impressed and I feel like our website now more appropriately expresses who we are as a firm.” The new look made an almost immediate impact on one potential client. “I had already met with this potential client and was having a second meeting when I gave him my new card and invited him to see the new site.” The new marketing helped seal the deal and now Thomson & Company has a new client. “I can’t say with 100 percent certainty that it was the website that sold him, but he was so impressed that I took my firm seriously that he knew we would take his work and company seriously as well.”

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