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Have Your Cake and Eat It Too


“Having a team that has actually worked in a professional services firm gives them an insight that other marketing professionals often lack.”

Cathy Wright


Wright Tax Solutions is a metro Atlanta-based tax and accounting firm that focuses on assisting small businesses, the professionals who run them and their families. The firm was established in 2009 when Cathy Wright, an accountant and Enrolled Agent, decided to leave the world of larger firms and create a firm of her own. In just five short years, she has built a strong practice that assists a wide variety of satisfied clients. So when her firm’s fifth anniversary drew near, Cathy wanted to find a way to celebrate this achievement and thank those who have supported her. Not knowing the best route to take, she decided to reach out to bbr marketing.


“I had worked with some of the team members from bbr marketing before and knew they would be able to help me come up with some ideas,” says Cathy. “I wanted something that was simple yet would still make an impact.” After some brainstorming, bbr marketing presented Cathy with a scratch-and-sniff birthday cake postcard. “They created the whole concept, design and wording and I loved it. They did all the work and all I had to do was approve it! The cake looked good enough to eat and coupled with the scent, I knew it would jump out at people from their mail pile!”


The postcards were a hit. Shortly after sending out the first batch, Cathy began receiving feedback. “People would contact me to congratulate me on the firm’s anniversary and then would let me know how much they enjoyed the postcard,” says Cathy. She was as pleased with the overall creation process as she was about the postcards’ popularity, saying, “I loved how bbr marketing assisted me. The design and wording were perfect, the printing was top notch and the team kept me informed every step of the way. I couldn’t be happier and have already recommended the firm to others.”

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