Merger/Acquisition Marketing & Communication Consulting

When your firm’s growth involves a merger or acquisition, communication, marketing and branding become uniquely challenging. Though these key contributors to success often fade into the background during the process, making them an early and consistent focus during your transition yields significant benefit and helps your expansion deliver positive results. If marketing is left by the wayside, or brought in at the last minute, the deal that looked so rewarding often ends poorly.

  • How can we achieve full buy-in from the acquired firm?
  • What happens to the strong individual branding both firms have worked so hard to establish?
  • Will our clients be confused and worry about how their work will be handled?
  • Do we need a new logo, website and collateral materials?

These are just a few of the concerns that emerge in M&A situations. bbr knows how to anticipate and answer questions like these, helping you achieve a seamless, systematic blending of the two firms that respects both brands, avoids employee and client confusion, and gets the most value from your dynamic growth.

A brand transition is a complicated process that requires input from many and buy-in from all. With so many moving parts to keep track of, you need a complete brand transition plan that involves both firms early in the process, establishes consistent messaging and creates solid support from all parties. Your strategic plan must cover not only the simple things like signs and business cards, but also consider the long-range impacts on all parties. Without such a plan, you risk confusion, pushback and negative impacts on future growth.

My M&A consulting services are designed to help you avoid the many pitfalls and put the new firm in a better position than ever. I offer knowledgeable and experienced transition consulting along with a complete range of services to help you minimize disruption and achieve positive outcomes for clients and team members, strengthening the firm overall.

  • Develop and communicate consistent strategic messaging for the combined firms
  • Evaluate existing branding and assess potential rebranding needs
  • Adopt and incorporate key branding points into combined firm identity
  • Establish top-down support for the transition
  • Keep all team members informed about changes
  • Explain details and rationale for changes to team members
  • Help new team members embrace the move and feel welcomed
  • Reinforce new branding within your existing team
  • Encourage feedback from old and new team members
  • Resolve conflicts and establish common goals


If a merger or acquisition is in your future, congratulations! Now let’s start planning to make a smooth, successful transition that delivers immediate benefit to your firm.

I am passionate about helping my clients identify their differentiators, create effective marketing strategies and grow exponentially. I know professional services marketing and what it takes to think strategically and execute effectively.


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