Overused Buzzwords: Kill Them with Fire



by Kelly Lucas, client marketing director

We’ve discussed before on our blog the overdone and overtired business jargon and buzzwords that should really just die already. We did it here, and here, oh, and here, and then there’s this one, this one, and this one too. These posts tend to get quite a few clicks and comments, so obviously we aren’t the only ones who take issue with these things. And yet somehow they persist. Like killers in horror movies, they just keep coming back, even when we’ve hit them with a car, beat them with a hammer and shot them in the head for good measure.

Inc.com has just published not one, but two posts in two days that reinforce the point that the numbers of jargon and buzzwords haters are strong. We must continue to stand together to put an end to these horrible terms and prevent new ones from being born.

In The Jargonator: Retire These 10 Words Immediately, you’ll find a couple you are already familiar with, but then we’re also introduced to some new ones (or at least I was). Have you heard of “fog computing”? What about “Hawkerpreneur”? They’re new to me but I’m already tired of them. In This Year’s Business Buzzwords You Love to Hate, you can even vote on the one you dislike the most, with “Synergy” currently leading the vote as of this post’s publishing, and deservedly so.

Now that you’ve seen 2014’s lists of overused buzzwords we need to eliminate, do you find there are any missing? Let us know which ones you love to hate!

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