Did someone say chocolate covered bacon?



by Kelly Googe Lucas, marketing and social media manager

We’re excited to be participating as an exhibitor in the 2012 GSCPA Southeastern Accounting Show. We’ve got a fancy-schmancy new booth to show off, hot-off-the-presses brochures to hand out and some very interesting prizes to give away. What sort of prizes you ask? Well, I won’t give away all the surprises, but let’s just say that one of the prizes involves chocolate covered bacon. Yes, you read that correctly.

Can’t make the show and disappointed that you can’t get all the free schwag valuable accounting education? Just because you couldn’t steal away from the office doesn’t mean you can’t participate! Here at @bbrmarketing, we want you to know we’re thinking of you while you’re stuck at your desk, following the #SEAS12 stream on Twitter.

It’s not always fun knowing everyone you chat with on Twitter is walking around the exhibit hall, getting nifty give-aways and possibly winning cool prizes. Well guess what, now bbr is giving you the chance to win a prize straight from the exhibit hall floor, while still comfortably seated at your desk!  We are conducting a Twitter contest that will have an ‘at-home’ winner along with an exhibit hall winner.

To participate, send one of your colleagues in attendance or someone that you chat with via Twitter to our booth. When they report who sent them, both your Twitter name and that of the person you sent will be entered to win a bbr marketing tumbler from our Twitter-only contest. The more people you send, the greater your chances of winning. On Thursday afternoon, we will draw the winners of the prizes and announce them via Twitter. Join in the fun!

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