Hootsuite AutoSchedule: Help for the Super Duper Busy Professional



by Kelly Googe Lucas, marketing and social media manager

Hootsuite OwlWhile you may get that using social media is a great part of your overall marketing strategy, it’s not always easy to be consistent with your posts if you are a particularly busy individual. Now Hootsuite has come out with a new feature that makes scheduling your social media posts even easier.

Already Hootsuite allows users to easily schedule and post to all the major social media platforms using one dashboard. With the new Hootsuite AutoSchedule, users can save additional time by allowing AutoSchedule to determine the best time to schedule and send out links. As Hootsuite puts it, users will “spend more time finding content and less time thinking about scheduling.”

So how does it work? When you go to schedule a link via your Hootsuite dashboard, you will be given the option to enable AutoSchedule. From there, Hootsuite takes over and determines the best time to schedule your links based on your previous posts and by analyzing the social activity of your followers.

Hootsuite Autoschedule

If you’d like to save even more time, use the free Hootlet browser extension for Firefox and Chrome. This toolbar add-on allows you to directly share a page while still on it, no need to copy and paste the link into your Hootsuite dashboard. Hootlet also has the AutoSchedule feature, which should help even the busiest professional save lots of time.

For those of you that have already tried the new Hootsuite AutoSchedule, let us know what you think in the comments section below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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