Name That Presidential Campaign Slogan


Who’s up for another bbr marketing survey? I know I am! But first, the results from our Halloween Cards survey, drum roll please…. The winner, with 43.3% of the votes, is The Witches of bbr marketing! Last place went to the Snakes & Ladders game, with a mere 3.3%. Guess you guys like seeing our beautiful faces, and I can’t say I blame you.

Just as scary as all things themed Halloween is the 2016 election. This has definitely been one to remember, and not necessarily for the best reasons. But let’s focus on what’s really important during a presidential election – the campaign slogan. Whether you’re an “I’m With Her” fan or on the “Make America Great Again” bandwagon, you’ll likely remember those phrases for quite some time.

There have been many memorable campaign slogans. The first presidential campaign slogan on record is from 1840, with William Henry Harrison touting “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too.” (Remember that one from your high school history class?) Ever since, many candidates have had a slogan to help market their campaigns, with a few having multiple. Some were clever and inspiring, some meh, and others, well, who knows what the heck they were thinking.

Below is a short quiz to see if you can match the campaign slogan with the candidate. Try to do it without resorting to Google. Remember, this is all in fun, so give it a shot blind! Once you’re finished, post your results in the comments below or let us know via Facebook or Twitter, we’d love to hear how you did!

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